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The 119th China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair) kicked off on April 15, 2016 at Guangzhou Pazhou Complex. It was hold in A, B, C areas from April 15th to May 5th for three phases. The exhibition area of the Canton Fair is 1, 180, 000 square kilometers, the total booths is 60, 233, and the exhibition area is 549, 400 square meters. The first Canton Fair was held in 1957 and since then this exhibition has been held for 59 years, with a Spring session in April and a Fall session in October each year. Canton Fair has become a comprehensive, international exhibition with the longest history, the highest standard, the largest scale, the most complete category, the largest number of domestic and foreign purchasers, and the best effect and reputation in China.It is known as the wind indicator of China’s foreign trade.

The first phase closed its curtain on April 19th, and there were about 93,800 purchasers, which increased a little compared with 92, 000 in the 117th Canton Fair and 89, 000 in the 118th Canton Fair respectively. Among them, 55, 600 purchasers came from Asia, 12, 600 from Europe, 13, 300 from America, 2, 900 from Oceania, and 9, 400 from Africa. This is the first time that the number of purchasers rises in the recent years. The Chinese motorcycle products were arranged at display area 12.1 and 13.1. In the motorcycle industry, the purchasers came from all over the world, compared with the last year, the number of purchasers from South Africa and the Middle East increased, the the number of European purchasers decreased due to the European economic situation. Though the industry export is limited to the current economic and market situation, Chinese industries continue to develop new models, improve product performance and cost performance.As the largest exhibition in Asia, Canton Fair provides a great trading platform for exhibitors and purchasers, and provides an excellent platform for manufactures and enterprises to communicate and learn from each other. In this Canton Fair, a lot of new products were shown in the exhibition. Lets follow the camera of MEGA CHINAMOTOR, and see the highlights and new products of the 119th Canton Fair!


QM125HY-G(BSD) is an off-road vehicle designed by Italian designer. The fashionable appearance further meets the aesthetics of the young people born after 1980 and 1990. The exposed frame, small size exposed covering parts subvert the tradition and lead the fashion. This product hung GS series engine which has advanced and mature technology and steady and reliable quality. The truss structure and exposed tubular frame has the characteristics of front and back separation, bilateral symmetry, reasonable layout, high strength, low stress and good bending resistance.Meanwhile, QM125GY-G(BSD) is equipped with complete digital LCD speedometer,thickened and inverted front shock damper and LED light.


QM250-2X CAFE RACER is a retro motorcycle and leads the fashion of domestic retro motorcycles . Retro is a kind of fashion and also a way for young people to reflect personalities. QM250-2X CAFE RACER is equipped with single four stroke air-cooling engine, and it is an excellent coordination with the motorcycle. It can produce a strong push feeling, which makes you feel infinite power. QM250-2X CAFE RACER is equipped with air bag rear suspension and disk brake. The max torque reaches 19.5 N.m at the speed of 6500r/m, and the max horse power reaches 15.4 kw at the speed of 7500r/m. QM250-2X CAFE RACER uses digital LCD meters, LED tail light, and passes euro IV standard and EEC authentication, which is environmental friendly and safe. The starting modes are electric start and kick start. The max speed is 110km/h, and the front tire size is 110/70-17, the rear tire size is 130/70-17. The displacement of the engine is 249cc, which is a golden displacement for retro motorcycle.Meanwhile, QM250-2X CAFE RACER has humanized design handlebar cushion, wonderful body height and ratio, strong and stable power,which bring joyful and excellent driving experience.


Jialing launches JH200-8 series with a large displacement balancing shaft engine, CBi223 (098M) which has strong power and low vibration and provides comfortable riding experience. Its car-level closed-loop EFI can automatically control the fuel accurately according to different conditions, elevations and climates. The LED tail lamp and turn lamps are energy efficiency and reliable. The digital meter shows all information clearly. The high quality friction disc ensures the stability and reliability when braking. The Φ37 front fork tubes and front suspension matched with the center rear suspension with adjustable built-in air bags ensure the comfort and safety on different roads and in long-time riding. What’s more, the soft wide tubeless and the front and rear disc brakes ensure the control and safety of riding and braking. It’s easy to maintain of the KMC wear-resistance driving chains.

Another model JH150-8B is equipped with CBO162 balancing shaft engine which provides low vibration and comfortable riding experience. The Keihin carburetor is used for this model to get reliable starting, short warm-up time, stable engine running and low fuel consumption. Its front and rear hubs are made of car-level stereoscopic aluminum alloy with fashion appearance and high strength. The big front disc brake matched with rear drum brake ensures the riding safety and the two-way stretching isolation leather seat made with high-quality resilient foam makes the riding more comfortable.

The third model JH175-8A, with simple and smooth style, shows its sense of speed, sport and strong dynamic. This bike is equipped with 187 balancing shaft engine which provides low vibration and comfortable riding experience. Its closed-loop EFI can automatically control the fuel accurately according to different conditions, elevations and climates. Its front and rear hubs are made of car-level stereoscopic aluminum alloy with fashion appearance and high strength. The soft wide tubeless and the front disc brakes ensure the control and safety of riding and braking. The rear suspension with adjustable built-in air bags ensures the comfort and safety on different roads and in long-time riding. It’s easy to maintain of the KMC wear-resistance driving chains. The two-way stretching isolation leather seat made with high-quality resilient foam makes the riding more comfortable. The LED tail lamp and turn lamps are energy efficiency and reliable. The digital meter shows all information clearly.

SANLG: Street bike SL125-GS

The Street Bike SL125-GS is equipped with TAI125 engine which has a long standing reputation in the world. This is the first time that this model of engine is used on Chinese motorcycle. Its displacement is 125cc with 4 gears design so that it can be controlled easily without difficult shifting technique. The maximum speed is up to 90km/h with low vibration and high comfort level. The 31mm gold inverted forks are used for this bike with new rear suspension technology to efficiently absorb the vibration caused by running. The front and rear high-sensitivity disc brakes make the control more flexible, and the LCD meter significantly enhances the high-tech feeling for this bike and shows overall information of the bike for riders with simple and clear functions.

Big Scooter SL350T

As the vanguard of Sanlg’s large displacement strategy. Sanlg Eros SL350T is a fashionable touring scooter which perfectly combines design and practice. It is the first model jointly developed by Taiwan leading touring scooter brand Aeon and Sanlg motor and 100% manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. Yes, 100%. Before your first inflating, even the gas inside the tire is from the treasure island. The 350cc 4-stroke 4-valve water-cooling single-cylinder ceramic engine is more durable with roller cam system which ensures low impedance and improved power. The aluminum alloy pedals are good-looking and anti-skidding which promote the operating safety as well as the appearance quality. The hydraulic opposite caliper with 6 pistons can perform well under any road conditions with 256mm wave disc. The adjustable nitrogen dual rear suspension improves the safety and comfort and provide better shock absorbing adjustment with the out-cell nitrogen bottles. The double-stage exhaust pipes are covered by the insulation plate and one-time shaped that is easy to be disassembled and repaired. The black dual fish-eye headlamp and black LED tail lamp are stable and proud to show the extraordinary quality. Original Ermax long wind screen efficiently reduces the wind and makes the riders more comfortable during long-distance riding.


The new debuted model fully deserves the word “new” because its sample arrived at the the exhibition hall just before the fair kicking off. There are three displacement options including 50cc, 125cc and 150cc. This model is equipped with sunken tank and LED turn lamps and tail lamp, and the front and rear brakes are both disc brakes. Other features include digital meter and wide and big storage box that can contain a full helmet. This model is mainly sold in Europe and Latin America after mass production this year. It’s the first time it debuted and ZNEN hasn’t published its name, so we can only have a look at its dazzling pictures.


The new launched Taurus HJ125-22 is equipped with Haojin DGP engine which is specifically adjusted for cruisers to ensure the wear resistant, fuel efficient and strong power. The whole bike is plump and powerful with a streamline. Its head looks very arrogant with an upswept angle. Digital and machinery meters show the information clearly with LED back light. The brand-new drop-shaped fuel tank is very classical with its half-packed structure and chrome shield. The seat is very comfort with thick and wide stuffing which is perfectly suitable with the human body. The single piston caliper with large diameter makes the braking flexible and safe with φ240mm oversize braking disc. The head lamp and tail lamp are both designed with diamond surface structure. The body of its exhaust pipe is very big with enlarged stainless steel thermal plate and painted with thermostatic black lacquer. The depth of its front tire is 18cun and the height of its widened rear tire is 16cun. Its ground clearance is 160mm which can easily deal with different road conditions.


This motorcycle is a single-cylinder motorcycle designed by Italian designer ALEX, and named after the designer ALEX. It has fashionable appearance. It is equipped with single cylinder, four stroke, and air-cooling engine. The size of the front wheel is 120/80-14, the size of the rear wheel is 130/60-13, and the displacement is 125cc. It has a max torque of 9N.m with the speed of 6000r/h, and it can obtain the biggest power of 6.7kw with the speed of 6000r/h. The max speed can reach to 80km/h, and the starting mode is electric start and kick start. It is equipped with disk brake, and has a great braking effect.


T-Leopard combines mechanical style with leopard in the appearance and it is inspired by the organic combination of machinery and cheetah. The top level engine uses OHC technology, and it not only improves the performances of air inflow and exhaust outflow, but also enhances instant horse power output. The balancer light weight piston in the engine mutes the vibration, and ensures a comfortable driving; the water cooling system guarantees the engine’s benign running and its reliability. The smart LCD meter clearly displays information such as oil mass, total kilometers, single distance, and gears. Meanwhile, the leopard integrates music and cell phone charging system, and reflects the scientific feeling of the product. The build-in MP3 makes the enjoyment of music possible at any time of the journey.


Raptor SK150-10A’s power is very strong, its sharp and tough front face, streamline-made side body with a strong sense of speed. Its top-level 150cc single cylinder air cool engine reaches 13.0N.m in instant torque, provides strong power. The engine with balance shaft adopts direct current ignition, and the ignition timing is accurate. It suits CS level racing. The max speed reaches 125km/h,and the fuel consumption is only 45km/l, and it can be manipulated flexibly. The advance metallic paint and two-tone coating processes endow Raptor with modern, flowing sense and vigor. Raptor SK150-10A is integrated with environmental friendly system equivalent to Euro III standard. What’s worth mentioning is that this motorcycle also integrates music and cell phone charging system, and make the journey relaxing and joyful.


RZ3 is equipped with the same level engine as the CRRC champion bike, NC250, which has high compression ratio of 11.5:1 and the 100m acceleration is up to 6.6s. The racing-level ECU EFI ensures its strong power and low fuel consumption. With 11000 high rotational speed, the maximum speed is tested to reach 140km/h. The professional racing standards, including 6 gears transmission system, racing-level bending and linear acceleration technology, ensure that the power is output powerfully, stably and reliably. This bike is just like its slogan “European Street King, Waiting for Your Fighting”.

RX1 carries the compact, strong and independent-developed PY engine. Its professional frame is endured in long-distance and complicated road condition. The professional layout ensures a natural posture for the riders to reduce the fatigue in long-distance riding.


Loncin has launched the LX250GS-2A GP250. It uses RE250 high-quality 6 speed engine, which can produce more power, more stability and vigorous sound. This motorcycle has giant special-shape muffler. Optimized inner air-tube ensures big power output. It equips with digit LED meter, clear and accurate. Huge RPM dial and LED screen provide perfect visual feeling. New “EAGLE”-shape headlight gives massive visual impact. Separated high beam and low beam provides wider illuminated area. Front LED turning lights also can be used for night driving, improves the view in night driving and assure the driving safety. Fashion and dynamic LED tail light gives more striking illumination longer life-time and lower energy consumption.


Standard motorcycle XY200-9 is developed independently. Its specific chain combination makes the whole bike more beautiful. All the turn lamps are LED and the head lamp is a halogen lamp which emits yellow light with strong penetrating force under bad vision conditions like foggy days to make sure that the rider can have a clear sight. The rider can also select to use electric starter or foot starter. The muffler is placed in a relative high location to ensure the good passing ability and make the bike more sporty. The dimension of the front tire is 110/80-17 and it’s 130/70-17 for the rear tire. Both tires are wide and big to ensure the high safety and comfort. The 14L large fuel tank ensures the super long endurance distance.

In this fair, Shineray also launches a few models under its overseas brand SWM. One of them is GM400 (Gran Milano) with large displacement of 400cc and carrying a ECU EFI oil-cooling engine. Its specific fuel tank is very beautiful and practical accompanying with the streamline structure. Its inverted front suspension is from the brand Fastace with the rear airbag suspension. Its disc brakes and tires are all produced in Italy and the front disc brake is a composite brake with 4 calipers. The dual mufflers made by pure stainless steel are placed upper to ensure the good passing ability. The steering column and the tire rim are very simple and practical and both made by aluminum alloy.


Lifan launches a sport street bike KPR200 which is the successor of KPR150 and has all the same appearance features from its predecessor model. Streamline racing bike outline, awl-shaped front face with lens headlight, big all-in-one front bumpers in the two sides, separating handlebars, USB interfaces, three-meters digital display and the popular trigonometrical multi-level insulation expanding muffler, all these give the racing bike qualities to KPR200. It is equipped with NBF 6-gears water-cooling EFI engine which outputs the maximum torque of 17N•m at 6500rpm and reaches the maximum power of 12.5Kw at 8000rpm. As a 2-valve 4-stroke product, its earlier low torque output can provide more confidence for us riding in the cities.The other bike is KPS200 which has become a new favorite combining the most popular design elements and water-cooling EFI power. It has traditional cradle frame with seat height of 775mm which ensure a natural and comfort posture for users riding for long distance. With collapsible pedal bars, its inverted front suspension and center suspension are expected to perform well and dynamically. The power system includes a single-cylinder 2-valve water-cooling engine with displacement of 198cc to provide strong power with actual maximum power of 13.0kw and actual maximum torque of 17.0N·m. The 6 gears of the engine are very clear.


This time Wangye still brings its popular models Eivissa and Veterano. Eivissa is a new retro scooter, designed by a famous Spanish design company and developed by Wangye independently. Eivissa has 12cun big tires, special LED turning lamps and tail lamp, chrome head lamp with decorating ring, meter ring and decorating strips in both sides and the LCD meter. Veterano is the modified model based on the Eivissa.


Yinxiang launches YX200GY-3 with Hyosung single-cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve oil-cooling engine from South Korea. Its starting time is less than 15s and the braking time is less than 7m at 30km/h. The both two tires are vacuum tire with high elasticity and wearability and good adhesion and heat dispersion. The decorating lamps and turning lamps are all LED lamps with high brightness and long operating life for saving energy and environmental protection.


Yingang launches a sport retro café racer. The whole bike is designed to ensure a prone posture to make it more sporty. With Europe style EFI, this model is mainly sold in Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East.


In this fair Yuan launches a new masterpiece, the first made-in-China 300cc twin-cylinder water-cooling EFI motorcycle, RZ35. For its appearance, the style of international road-class racing bike is used to show its character and battle sense with the sharp head. The dazzling LED light system is equipped on the whole bike. The LCD self-test meter is fashionable and beautiful with high-tech sense and shows all the information clearly. The special-shaped twin exhaust pipes can catch everybody’s eyes. This bike carries 320cc twin-cylinder water-cooling 4-valve EFI engine with the maximum torque of 22N·m at 5500rpm and the maximum power of 17.5Kw at 7500rpm. The front tire is equipped with the floating disc brake with large diameter to improve the braking ability. By effectively avoiding thermal deformation and vibration of the disc by braking at high speed and the centering of the disc and friction plate, this type of brake provides more protection for riding. The rear fork is one-time shaped by stamping and has larger load capacity and stronger shock resistance. The rear suspension is an adjustable central suspension with higher shock-absorbing ability.


Wonjan brings two 2016 main models, crossover bike D3 and mini bike GTR WJ150-D. Both two bikes are mainly sold in Asia and equipped with Wonjan-Suzuki engines, front and rear disc brakes, inverted front suspension, independent single rear suspension and all LED lamps. The difference is that the D3 is equipped with Kawasaki meter and the GTR is equipped with digital meter which has 7 colors to select and change at any time.


The RoboCop135 is the first sport cub that is researched and developed by Chongqing Andes. With the sharp face, the orange back light LCD digital meter clearly shows the speed, gear, mileage, fuel consumption time and so on. The body is equipped with LED front and rear turning lamps and the popular black LED tail lamp. Notably, the black LED starlight daytime running lamp on the front panel not only increases the visibility in daytime but also makes the RoboCop135 much cooler at night with its starlight. Andes 4-stroke high-quality horizontal engine is used to ensure shorter starting time than other 2-wheeler vehicles when temporary parking in traffic jam or starting after traffic lights with the maximum power of 6.5kw/7500rpm and maximum torque of 9.0Nm/5500rpm. One of the brightest highlights of this bike is its rib tires which shows excellent stability at high speed and ensure the high comfort as well as improving its fashion and sporty at the aspect of appearance. The seat is very comfort neither too hard nor too soft and the height of the handlebar is also well situated. Its 3.5L fuel tank can meet the ordinary city transportation demands. The storage box can contain a half helmet and is able to be installed with USB interface that can charge mobile phones and other electronic equipment. The ground clearance is just fine to ensure the good passing ability for the bike.


Its flagship at this exhibition is an ATV model RT200-2. All the covering parts and appliques are designed by Italian company. The infinitely variable speeds and the international 5 gears with a reverse gear provide more protection for riding. The improved suspensions dramatically reduce the vibration of the whole body during running. This ATV is also able to be freely modified as a sport edition or work edition. There are 4 configurations for arbitrary selection and the competitive price also attracts a lot of visitors.


The new launched street bike SY150-9C is equipped with the independently-developed 150cc (or 200cc) engine. Its UFB chain link machine with balancing shaft reduces the vibration by over 30%. The muffler is sport style and the rear tire is equipped with airbag suspension. All the LED tail lamp and turning lamps are lamps used on cars. The whole structure of this bike is a inverted triangle to reduce fatigue of the riders with its ergonomics. The gradation of its head covering highlights the muscles of street bike. Notably, as the pioneer of music motorcycle and electric motorcycle in China, Sanya also uses the music meter which will shows the spectrum lines when music started and the loudspeaker boxes are designed hard to drop off.


The retro bike BS48 (IV) is a brand-new 2-wheel EPS motorcycle developed by Bashan with its own intellectual property rights. It has special bicycle-style seat and integrates the rear fork in the frame. With the double chains EPS transmission system, this bike can be driven by two independent transmission systems including engine power and human power. Each system can be used independently and also operate with each other. This bike meets young people’s demand of fashion and cool as well as being the ideal choice of traveling and fitting for the middle and the old. Other features include 1P39FMB-E2 engine, four-stroke, air-cooling, electric and foot starting, 2-gear automatic clutch, single-cylinder, single row, 12V / 8 level / FW / AC, standard type side covers, 420-12, Deli PZ19 line-tied throttle carburetor, XS74 intake pipes, 420-46 rear chain wheel and specific chrome muffler. The bike is conforming to the EPA emission requirements.


The street bike JYF150’s sporty and strong appearance is designed by an Italian company. With high stiffness frame, this bike is equipped with the water-cooling 4-stroke 150cc engine which has intellectual property rights and the maximum speed of 120-130Km/h. The built-in fuel tank can effectively prevent explosion and ensure the safety of the rider when accident happening. The warning lights are all LED lamps while the head light is a halogen lamp which emits yellow light with strong penetrating force under bad vision conditions like foggy days to make sure that the rider can have a clear sight. The 5-gear transmission system gives you the control pleasant of bending and accelerating in straight line.

The other model is U8 (JS125-29). With gold 115cc engine, it has strong power and high stability. The double-piston caliper substantially improves the braking force and provide higher safety. The design inspiration of the face, width lamps, shin protection plates and the tail is sourced from the eagle’s eyes that is cool and majestic to enhance the sense of sport and speed of the bike. The dynamic fair-water can fully import the natural wind to cool the engine effectively so as to reduce the air resistance and improve the stability of the engine.


Jiajue has launched the N10 in this fair which is very simple and streamlined and mainly aimed at highend market including Western and Eastern Europe,Russia, America, the UK and France and is also very popular in South Africa. The N10 is equipped with 125cc or 250cc single-cylinder water cooling engine which can provide stable power and good control. The upgraded edition of this model will debut with larger displacement 400cc twin-cylinder water-cooling engine. What’s more, another edition that is conformed to Europe IV standard will be launched with CBS technology.


The main recommended model of Benda is the Fun390 which is the first originality cruisers and establishes the style of the cruiser family. 399cc, parallel twin, hydraulic clutch, adjustable inverted suspensions, forged aluminum plate, LCD meter, 120 front tire and 140 rear tire, adjustable exhaust pipe, all these features are full of honesty.


In this show, Regal Raptor brings a American style cruiser DD350E-6C which is equipped with the independently developed 350cc twin-cylinder, water-cooling engine and Delphi EFI system. Its maximum power reaches 28hp. The frame is totally welded by robots and the welding seams are good-looking with high quality. This bike is also certificated by EEC, EPA and CARB and mainly sold in Europe and America.


Taotao exhibits a go-kart ATK300-A and a off-road ATK175-E. Equipped with Jinlang 300cc engine and has four seats, the former is a 2-wheel-drive vehicle that is mainly sold in America. The later carries independently developed engine with maximum power of 8000W, 6500r/min and has concept racer appearance that looks cool. It is said that there have been about 70,000 - 80,000 units of this model exported to America.


Riya shows a scooter Mustang 125cc / 150cc with fashionable, sporty and wild appearance. In test riding, it shows excellent stability at high speed to ensure the comfort for riders. Therefore, this model has been very popular with vast number of overseas buyers.


Yaxiang launches three off-road models with special characteristics. Among them, the LX450E has the KTM professional race bike front suspension which is imported from Austria. What’s more, the front and rear brakes are both imported from Japan and the digital meter is imported from Taiwan.


The street bike S250 is the main recommended model of ZONTES in this fair. With the independently developed low-rotational-speed large-torque air-and-oil-cooling engine, the speed can reach 85km/h at low rotational speed of 5000r/s. All the LED lamps improve the penetrating force under the faint light to ensure the rider’s safety. The LED digital meter is simple and shows all information clearly. The whole design of its central-controlled anti-theft lock is convenient for rider using and the muffler can control the noise and exhaust emission effectively. The rear airbag suspension reduces the hydraulic fuel consumption and provide better braking force. This bike has been well received by many buyers since its mass production in 2016.


Longjia exhibits the Buccaneer 250i (125T-8) with its independently developed 125cc engine which has large torque and high acceleration and the maximum power can reach 6.8kw. Besides, other features include integrated steel head, ultrathin spark plug, high-power oil pump and air-cooling 2-valve under-suspension engine.


The main recommended model is the electric vehicle CHOK S series. The 8 steel pipes nest frame structure provides high strength, high rigidity, protect of cares, safe and no worries. Braking system: four wheel hydraulic disk type brake, with automotive ratchet mechanism hand operated parking brake. Tire: automotive vacuum tire with stylish alloyed rim, more stable and comfort. Motor: national 863 project powerful motor, reliable and powerful. Battery: national “Tianneng” etc. top brand 12V150Ah large capacity drive battery, long life and more mileages. Controller: advanced SVPWM vector control sine wave system, high efficiency and agilely operation.

Motorcycle enterprises brought various and abundant products to the 119th Canton Fair. The cool sportbikes, strong cubs, classical retro bikes, fashionable scooters, handsome street bikes, casual touring motorcycles, and American-style cruisers highlighted the motorcycle pavilion. Motorcycle enterprises made improvements in product details and driving power to a different degree. Some enterprises performed excellent in EFI (Electric Fuel Injection)technology, some enterprises blended in music element to motorcycles. The motorcycle enterprises exploited various types of motorcycles to suit the needs of various countries considering the needs of different markets.

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