Neoclassical Street Bike - SWM MILANO 440

Date:07-11-2016 Source:chinamotor

In recent years, vintage has become a trend in motorcycle industry and many manufacturers have launched their retro models. As a leading brand in Chinese retro bike field, SHINERAY has taken a good start with 400 series. Obviously, SHINERAY didn’t be self-satisfied. They clearly know that “vintage” is not just show the classic again but reinventing the old classic with modern aesthetics. So how to combine the two words “retro” and “avant-garde” that looks like contradictory in a motorcycle? MILANO 440 is just the answer SHINERAY Motor gives us.

Two years ago, SHINERAY bought Italian classic brand SWM and its production base in Milan, Italy. Also, SHINERAY built a new motorcycle R&D center and integrated advanced European technology and human resources. On this base, SHINERAY quickly implemented its plan of developing new products. This MILANO 440 was just in the first products plan after finishing the merger and acquisition. Yes, this bike was throughout designed by Italian team.

MILANO is just the fashion capital of Italy, Milan, which is also the birth place of the brand SWM. Naming this bike MILANO is to show that it is the reproduction of classic and also a new start. In the product positioning given by SHINERAY, MILANO 440 is not defined as a “retro bike” but a “classic-style modern street bike”. This sounds like incomprehensible but it is easy to understand this definition after seeing this bike.

In our general impression, a retro bike should be plump and simple while a modern bike should be sharp with stream line. MILANO 440 combines these features exactly right. Its fuel tank is designed in a clean-cut shape with geometrical principle. This 22L large tank is set on the frame in the best angle without obtrusive feeling. Its tail is also designed in a cambered triangle with deltoid tail lamp set on the top. When the tail lamp is lighting, the whole bike presents fantastic stereoscopic sensation at the moment.

The “waist line” is very important in motorcycle design. The waist line is the collection of light reflecting points of the whole bike. The setting of the waist line determines whether the final visual effect is coordinate. However, most Chinese manufacturers have no this concept. The Italian team has made an excellent demonstration with MILANO 440.

In terms of color, MILANO 440 has two colors, bronze and olive green. These two colors are uncommon in motorcycle but the actual painting is unexpectedly good. For example, the matt lacquered surface of the bronze edition is very tactile and looks very beautiful under the lights.

In terms of configuration, MILANO 440 also combines classic and modern. Round halogen headlight and LED turn lights, front 120 and rear 150 wide road tires with bead rings, double pointer meters with LCD and rising double stainless steel mufflers, all these settings are mixed without slight inharmonic sense. MILANO 440 has very excellent important parts which related to riding experience. It is equipped with damping-adjustable inverted front shock absorber provided by FASTACE and its double rear balloon shock absorbers are also able to be adjusted. The most unexpected part is the world top disc brake provided by Brembo, which no doubt provides first-rate braking effect and handling.

MILANO 440’s engine is improved to 445ml based on that familiar 400 single-cylinder engine. This obviously improves its power and torque. What’s more, its gearbox and gear ratio become more fine and smooth after adjustment. The area of the cooling fin increases with the added oil-cooling radiator. The shell is also redesigned much plumper. It’s very suitable to set such an engine here. The unique rhythm and large torque output of the single-cylinder large-displacement engine is the present of classic features. Another advantage is the convenience of using and maintenance. With the EFI system, its fuel consumption is about 4L/100km and this means this bike can constantly operate for about 500km with its 22L fuel tank.

The last additional point is that it has no need to worry if you want to carry your friends. MILANO 440 also has two-seat saddle. But it wouldn’t have sexy tail if installing this two-seat saddle. It is a little pity.

MILANO 440 is sufficiently genuine and individual with respect to both appearance and configuration. Are you already unable to hold yourself to get one?

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