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Date:06-01-2017 Source:chinamotor

When a baby is formed in a mother’s womb and the doctors give the good tiding of a new baby to the parents, the biggest concern of the parents is choosing an appropriate name for the baby. Finding a name becomes so important at times that it might engage the parents in it. In fact, the important thing in this choice is finding a meaningful and unique name because parents like their baby’s name to be unique and meaningful, such that it will be an appropriate name in childhood, adolescence and when the person is middle-aged.

The important fact is choosing an appropriate name for a product that is the result of the attempts of a production unit; it is of high importance just like the baby of the parents because if we look at it carefully, we can see that the product can be considered the baby of that production unit whose industrial unit owners and workers have attempted so much to create.

In today’s world, industrialists face choosing a name for production units or trade name but the important thing is that when these trade names travel their country borders and are exported to other countries, they find twice as much importance because these names should have an international meaning and be a representative of their trade name in other countries as they are in their own country.

Nowadays due to the competitiveness of world markets and marketing becoming scientific, choosing a name, logo type, profile and corporate color has a significant effect on marketing of a product. An obvious example of this issue is LG brand which has found out after so many years of competing with Samsung that it has left the market to its competitor, Samsung, due to an inappropriate brand name and unlikable logo.

For a more detailed explanation of this fact it should be stated that today choosing a name for a business activity has turned into a totally specialized effort because the marketing science takes advantage of neurological techniques of TMS, FMRI and EEG. In this regard, we observe that audiometer machines and brain scans are used for the selection of a name so that it will determine which terms and which audio parameters affect the audience the most. These experts have studied all languages and dialects in the world to determine which names can stick to mind in the first encounter and in the next step make a good sense in the mind of the hearer. Meanwhile, what matters is that some languages in the world are more influential compared to other languages due to various reasons which cannot be included in this paper.

About selecting names for Chinese brands it can be said that due to the historical background of Chinese civilization, this language includes meaningful names but they are significantly cacophonous in terms of audition.

For a more detailed explanation of this issue it should be stated that when the Chinese industrial units decide to select a trade name, they face a wide range of meaningful names due to the richness of Chinese civilization. These trade names are appropriate when the product is distributed in China market but when these names pass the borders of China, they face a strong wall called meaninglessness. This issue is so obvious that we eyewitness that when the best Chinese brands want to enter other markets, they face the importer company’s request for changing the name.

Most of the marketing experts refer this fact to the marketing weakness of Chinese products and they state that because Chinese products are unknown, they face the request for changing the name by the target country but this issue is derived out of the fact that Chinese brand names are not international. I believe that if a brand has a beautiful name and appropriate logo, then the target market will welcome it with open arms and will not ask for the change of name.

Not having international trade names has led Chinese companies to incur many losses in long time, such that today a great production brand like Lansyn with a long history in Iran’s market has no place in it.

Maybe it is hard to believe but the research on Iran’s markets shows that after years of Chinese motorcycles being present in Iran, none of the Iranian motorcyclists know Chinese brands, not even the motorcycle they ride themselves.

I feel that Lansyn Brand understood this fact this year in Tehran exhibition because despite of all the capabilities of this great company, we see that little attention has been paid to the products of this company in Tehran exhibition. While this fact is totally vice versa about other products like Portable Generator because Lansyn’s power sources were sold under the brand of Lansyn from the beginning, which was the reason why the products of Lansyn company own a suitable position of brand among such products in Iran. While Lansyn brand itself (with all its capabilities) is a totally unknown brand in Iran’s Motorcycle Industry.

The fact is that cultural and civilizational bias should be avoided in marketing science. The obvious examples of this fact are Japanese automaker brands that had to change their name and logo to earn customers’ satisfaction when entering the U.S. markets.

For the explanation of this event it should be stated that when Japanese automaker brands got the required standards for being exported to the U.S. markets, they faced a problem called Japanese Brand; a fact that had made American society consider them poor in quality. In this regard and in order to eliminate this idea, Toyota, Nisan and Honda companies changed their names to Lexus, Infinity and Acura, respectively. This change of name turned Japanese brands into the U.S bestseller automobiles in short time; a fact that has never been observed among Chinese brands (strategic change of name) because I believe that they do not want to move in line with the market science and are still bound to their traditional ideas. While today’s world business is like a clamorous river that will drown you if you move against it.

Regarding the previous paragraph it should be stated that today the Chinese brands try to enter the world markets by producing non-copy products and their own brands. In the first step in entering these markets which are mainly developing or developed markets, it is suggested that for exporting they’d better go after names that are accepted worldwide; otherwise, they might have LG Company’s experience that lost its success due to a wrong name. Other examples of it include Japanese automobiles that created stronger brands than the original brands by changing their brand names.

Today due to my job (being a motorcycle designer) I am completely familiar with all Chinese motorcycle maker brands. I should confess again that Kiwi Company is the only Chinese company that is accepted worldwide in terms of brand name without any problems because it has selected a unique name, logo type and profile. Other companies face a wide range of problems due to different difficulties in name, logo or corporate color.

In continuation of this discussion it should be said that selecting a name for a brand is very important but the more important point is selecting a logo type or profile because these (logo type and/or profile) can cause a brand to be mentally effective, which is carefully taken into consideration in neurology.

A scientific example of this issue is Apple brand. Have you ever asked yourself why apple has been chosen as its brand? Yes, I am sure that no brand producing electronic appliances in the world will accept to use the name of a fruit as its brand but the important point is that in a worldwide strategy, Apple’s decision-making group selected a name for their brand that evokes an apple in the first gestalt mental image. This simple fact made this brand stick in the mind of the audience both auditorily and visually. Selection of a name as a brand is a highly specialized effort and it cannot be tied to national, cultural and personal bias because you might have names for your brand that are not appropriate at all. They should be appropriate for target markets.

Naturally selecting a universal name despite thousands of worldwide brands is difficult but the name, logo and profile of a brand should be basically taken into consideration, which are referred to in the following:

1.Apart from being unique, the selected name should be international.

2.It should be appropriate auditorily and be able to excite brain’s neurons.

3.Logo type should be visually unique and simple.

4.The profile should be definitely unique.

5.Corporation color should be unique in such a way that it can be the representative of your brand’s identity.

If these principles are followed carefully, you can be sure that you will not need to change your brand name to the request of the customer while exporting.

This article was not about the fact that Chinese companies should choose foreign names for their products because according to the marketing principles, Chinese names can be appropriate if the aforementioned principles are observed. I am sure that if the five aforementioned principles are considered scientifically, then we will not face the change of brands while exporting products.

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