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Win the War in 2016 - Sanya Leading Dealers’ Meeting Held Successfully​

Date:21-05-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

On December 13th, 2015, the dealers all over the country got together in the new electric vehicle production base of Sanya Technology in the Mingzhu Industrial Park in Conghua, Guangdong, China, to attend Sanya Leading Dealers’ Meeting with the theme of “Win the War in 2016”. Present at this meeting were also the managers of Marketing Center, Technology R&D Center, Quality Control Center, Production Center and other departments of Sanya, including the General Manager, Mr. Li.

This meeting was hosted by Mr. Tang, the Manager of the Market Service Department of Marketing Center, in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. Each functional department of Sanya introduced its work separately, including marketing, R&D, production, quality control and so on. Mr. Li, the Manager of the Marketing Center summarized the work of motorcycle marketing in 2015 in new product promotion, sales policies, brand building and other aspects, and looked forward to the future of 2016. Mr. Dai, the Deputy Manager of the Electric Vehicle Marketing Department, introduced the standards and financial supports on the construction of Sanya Electric Vehicle Shop. The powerful support attracted many dealers to take photos. Mr. Dai focused especially on the 3C certification of electric motorcycles that Sanya has got, which makes Sanya one of the numbered companies in the industry with this certificate, and also will greatly help the dealers with product promotion. Sanya will focus on the music electric vehicles aiming to constantly provide the most fashionable, technological and powerful models for the market.

Mr. Dai also read out the discount policy for on-site orders, making the atmosphere warmer. Then, Mr. Wang, the Director of Sanya’s Technology R&D Center, introduced the new progresses and direction of the new products research and development (including complete vehicle and engine), the situation of electric motorcycle’s entry approval, the solutions of the GB4 emission standard and other conditions. Mr. Jiang, the Director of the Quality Control Center, introduced the ideas and tools of quality control and management which is aimed to make consumers satisfied, sustain the promotion and let everybody involved in. Mr. Li, the Deputy Manager of the Production Center, introduced the work to ensure the production supply, quality promotion and delivering with personnel training, equipment improving and supply chain upgrading. With all the introduction from the managers in different systems, the dealers know deeper about the normative management of Sanya and the thorough arrangement for the market orientation.

During the meeting, Sanya gave awards to the dealers with outstanding sales results in 2015, and chose the Top 5 Awards of Distinguished Contribution and the Top 5 Awards of Excellent Dealers, encouraging these dealers to “win the war in 2016” with much more enthusiasm.

After award presentation, the General Manager of Sanya, Mr. Li, made a significant speech, truly pointing out the motorcycle industry conditions by analyzing the economic situation of China and the world and expressing the insistence of motorcycle production. Under the downturn industry circumstance, Sanya has resolutely increased the investment for brand promoting and strictly controlled the quality by improving the equipment and system to hold on to a dominant position of quality. General Manager Li said, we should not look right and left like the king of Chu in the story of “Chu King Shooting an Arrow” and we should be intent, concentrated and professional to develop the company! In the electric vehicle industry, Sanya’s new electric vehicle production base has been put into service. In this regard, General Manager Li also pointed out that Sanya should make Sanya electric vehicles the famous brand in this industry with higher specifications. The next step of Sanya is to concentrate fully on the R&D of autonomous electric vehicle models and the promoting of the brand and to think more about the dealers. At that moment, there was warm and prolonged applause. All the dealers were looking forward to greater development of the electric vehicle project of Sanya. Finally, Mr. Li pushed this meeting to a climax by increasing the discount for on-site orders and many dealers took up the order form and discuss the order plan.

After the indoor meeting, Mr. Li led all the dealers to visit the new electric vehicle production base of Sanya Technology. The new base cheered all people up with reasonable layout, brand new production line and advanced inspection equipment. Especially, when seeing the special water testing facilities, everyone spoke with one voice: only the earnest and concentrated company like Sanya could carry out the improved inspection facilities in practice.

As coming to the test riding area, all the visitors were attracted by the tensile tests for the electric vehicles. Sanya electric vehicle was successful in each challenge: running with load of 4 people, 6 people and 8 people and pulling the after sales service car and the Isuzu truck with weight of 3.5 ton. These tests made all the dealers and workers excited and clapping and taking up their mobile phones to record this successful breakthrough time. Duiring the test riding, many music electric vehicles (Haibao Elite model, Haiyue and Haizhiyin) which had been outstanding in the 7th Sanya Culture Festival, the fashionable cub Feiyang II which was in short supply once available and many constantly upgraded autonomous models including Ruishiwang and Xuandongwang were favored by the dealers. They truly tasted the performance of these Sanya electric vehicles in the test riding and experienced the fun of riding under the warm sun in the tidy garden factory.

“Win the War in 2016 - Sanya Leading Dealers’ Meeting” was held successfully. It fully showed the persistence and enthusiasm of Sanya, introduced the market orientated work arrangement in 2016 and brought a lot of confidence to the dealers.

The year of 2015 is going past. Again, Sanya people, brave to innovate and look beyond themselves, show their determination of developing the two wheeled vehicles with their action. Sanya will win the war in 2016 with stronger faith and practical spirit!

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