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Zongshen Cyclone RX3 Flagship Dominates in 2015

Date:21-05-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

Zongshen RX3 has gained word of mouth since it was launched. This first Chinese adventure touring motorcycle has become an increasingly high-profile model among enthusiasts. With continuous improvement of the RX3 series, Zongshen has made RX3 a hot topic among enthusiasts on the Internet.

Despite the word of mouth on the Internet toward RX3 launched one year ago, some enthusiasts still have doubts about it. There are many arguments over its torque and durability. Now, let’s take a closer look at RX3 Flagship!

Details & Highlights

To meet the increasingly diverse tastes of enthusiasts, the RX3 series includes an increasing number of models: standard model (spoke wheels + ordinary storage cases), luxurious travel model (spoke wheels + aluminum storage cases), luxurious city model (aluminum wheels + ordinary storage cases), and luxurious flagship model (aluminum spoke wheels + aluminum storage cases). This test is carried out on the RX3 luxurious flagship model equipped with aluminum wheels and aluminum storage cases.

Zongshen RX3 has long been familiar to enthusiasts, so we don’t need to elaborate on its appearance. Instead, we will share some important details of the model with you.

The headlight of RX3 has been remodeled to include an LED light with a lens and its headlight design outshines that of BMW GS series that it resembles. This alien-like machine will shock you when appearing in front of you at dawn when sunlight is weak or in the mist of dusk. The giant rear mudguard, which also resembles that of the BMW GS series, not only shows its masculinity but also has excellent utility.

As the identifier of the RX3 luxurious flagship model, the aluminum storage cases are tailored by a famous Chinese manufacturer and boasts of excellent strength and durability. Some people worry that its operability may be affected by the right storage case, which is mounted a little far away from the rack to make space for the exhaust pipe. Actually, this was not an issue when we tried it on various terrains as well as left and right curves during the test.

The circular power socket has a common diameter compatible with most external GPS devices. So you do not need to worry about the battery of your GPS device during long journeys and can tune the screen brightness of the device to the maximum. Some people may border about recharging their mobile phones when the power socket is connected to GPS devices. To address this issue, a USB port is disposed to the right of the dashboard for the rider to recharge a mobile phone. Or maybe, you would install a USB splitter for supplying power to multiple devices. But, would it be really necessary?

For more cycling comfort, RX3’s cycling system employs many dedicated designs.

The wind shield has a considerably large size and a shape that obeys aerodynamics laws. It can effectively reduce the strong winds against the rider and at the same time enables the rider to feel breeze on the face, driving away fatigue during long-distant journeys.

To conquer various terrains, RX3 is equipped with adjustable lever-type shock absorbers. We tried adjusting the rear shock absorber several times during cycling and found that the factory configuration is suitable for most terrains except every special ones.

A robust bumper is a standard part of a relay motorcycle. RX3 is protected by a bumper composed of an upper part and a lower part, which cover its NC250 engine for maximum protection against slight scratches and collision. The bumper bending outward also provides some protection for the rider.

Its footpegs can be folded up to prevent damages when the motorcycle falls over. The combination of the half chain box and enhanced chain provide sufficient chain protection for higher reliability during long-distance cycling.

Test & Experience

When the switch was turned on, the dashboard performed a self test and then the values of all the indicators were zeroed. Once the motorcycle was started, the EFI indicator light turned off and the RX3 entered the operation status. If the EFI system is faulty, the light flashes to emit an alarm.

The rotation speed of the engine increased swiftly as the throttle was increased, generating immense power that enable RX3 to launch at a high speed. Obviously, RX3 was not as weak as what it had been described by enthusiasts online. Actually, its acceleration is satisfactory when you twist the throttle hard. But remember that RX3 is a venture touring motorcycle with a displacement of 250 ml. It is unfair to compare it with models that have a displacement of 450 ml.

RX3 created little vibration when cruising at a speed of 120 km/h on regular routes. This owes to its engine with standard four valves and EFI, which causes much less resonance than two-valve engines. However, RX3 performs best when it reaches a speed between 90km/h and 100km/h. At the speed, the engine will achieve the highest fuel efficiency and create least resonance and noises, which pleases the rider most.

Some enthusiast said on the Internet that RX3’s tires were not so durable. Therefore, Zongshen especially tested the grip and durability of the tires. During braking and curve turning, the multifunctional showed excellent grip. You can firmly grasp the handles of both the front and rear brakes at the same time to perform emergency braking on clean roads and the braking performance is outstanding. Powerful grip leads to lower tire durability. Though many tires made by Chinese manufacturers are quite durable and are not much worn after covering 10,000 kilometers, they provides poor grip. Despite the intense cycling test and grip test, the tires of RX3 did not show signs of wearing on their surface, indicating that some comments on the Internet are false.

To test the motorcycle on roads more similar to those in daily use, the tester brought RX3 to muddy roads to test its operability. In addition, the side cases were loaded with lead blocks to simulate a fully-loaded motorcycle.

On the roads covered with soil, RX3 can turn curves at large angles. Though the 15-inch rear wheel is regarded by some enthusiasts as a mismatch with its identity as a relay motorcycle, this design better caters to the stature and cycling habit of Asian people.

Because the front shock absorber of RX3 is relatively soft and the springs rebound at a modest speed, it manages to absorb slight shocks on complicated roads and maintain the operability when the wheels roll over pits and protrusions, enabling the rider to easily control the motorcycle.

RX3 was stable when turning curves. However, if it is equipped with a 450 ml engine, you may need to twist the throttle carefully to prevent drifting. In this case, the 250 ml engine is more controllable to riders.

Weaknesses & Comments

Despite the strengths mentioned above, some details of the RX3 flagship model need further polish, especially the coating at the tips of the power cable as well as the sealant. Motorcycles made by Chongqing manufacturers are usually equipped with immense power but lack exquisite details. Though it is not a big problem but it causes some dissatisfaction to consumers.

The RX3 series is a relay motorcycle series forged by Zongshen. It is the first of its kind in China and therefore causes some arguments on both the appearance and power platform. As a Chinese relay motorcycle, RX3 weighs only 10 kg heavier than Honda CBR250RR and generates a similar torque with Honda CBR250RR, indicating its outstanding specifications.

When talking about its power, we should also consider its price, which is 23,000 yuan for the flagship model. Comparatively, Kawasaki Z250 priced at 40,000 yuan is equipped with an old-fashioned 250 ml engine that generates less power. So power would not be an issue for RX3 at this price level.

Since RX3 was launched one year ago, the manufacturer has resolved some problems, including the “jumping out of gear” and firmness problems, making it a better product. Currently, Zongshen is also developing an RX3 with a 450 ml engine.

Specifications of Zongshen RX3

Engine: water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine
Displacement: 249.6 ml
Maximum power: 18.5 kW (9000r/min)
Maximum torque: 22.5 N•m (7000r/min)
Start mode: electrical
Fuel feeding: EFI
Shock absorbers: (front) inverted shock absorber
(rear) preload adjustable damping center shock absorber
Braking system: disc (front and rear)
Slope climbing: ≥30°
Maximum speed: ≥ 135 km/h
Fuel capacity: 16 L
Dimensions (L*W*H): 2130 x 868 x 1260 mm
Minimum ground clearance: 210 mm
Wheelbase: 1400 mm
Minimum ground clearance: 210 mm
Tires: (front) 100/90-18
(rear) 130/90-15
Colors: white, apple red, venture touring yellow, light purple and dark blue

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