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Date:18-08-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

Guangzhou Haojin Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is a company that involves in development, manufacturing and sales of motorcycles, engines, general machinery and key components and parts.

The company locates in the East Guangzhou vehicle industry base in Xintang, Zengcheng city. It covers about 500 mu of land, a construction area over 200,000 m2 and over 2000 employees. The Haojin Industrial Park consists of premium motorcycle factory, R&D center, manufacturing center, marketing center, information center, management center, service center, export center and well-equipped beautiful employee living quarter. The factory is capable of manufacturing 1 million motorcycles and engines respectively. Haojin runs accordingly to modern enterprise models and considers providing its customers with premium products as its duty. The company has become a promising star in international motorcycle industry.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, China’s motorcycle export has witnessed great decline. However, Haojin maintained its export increase consecutively in 2008, 2009 and 2010 with a yearly 20% growth. Despite 2011 being the year of global economy recovery, the financial growth worldwide was still slow and China’s motorcycle industry was even worse. But surprisingly, Haojin performed miracle once again. Till July 2011, Haojin’s motorcycle export exceeded 350,000 units, earning a foreign exchange of 181 million USD with a yearly increase of 29.10%.


With acute market sensitivity, leaders of the company made correct brand positioning, engendering the huge leap of the company from just a retailer to the most competitive agency in South China Area within three years. Profit of motorcycle industry has been declining since 1995. That’s when the first reshuffle of the industry took place. Many companies ended up in merger, regroup or even bankruptcy. However, Haojin once again correctly positioned its brand and strategically transformed from an agency to a manufacturer in 1997. In 2000, it officially became a sentinel production company of motorcycles in China and registered its own brand - Haojin.

Since its establishment, Haojin has consecutively passed the ISO9001: 2000 certification, China Compulsory Certification and R & D production admission examination. It was also honored well-known trademark in Guangzhou, famous trademark in China and all.

Accurate Brand Positioning

While developing business, Haojin has never forgotten improving competitiveness to make itself an international high-end brand. It’s always equipped with cutting-edge theories and prioritizes its product quality. Innovation is the key to Haojin’s development as effectiveness to its profit making. The company is guided by its patented products on the road of developing great brand and outstanding marketing. Through good image on the market and accurate brand positioning, Haojin became well-known, and its popularity helped in expanding market share. The company has registered over 200 trademarks and the brand Haojin has been registered in over 50 countries. The company also hired some nationally and internationally famous stars to represent its brand and join in global competition. Haojin successfully entered European, South American, African, Mid-Eastern and South East Asian markets. Its products are sold in 5 continents and over 50 countries and regions. The brand has gained great popularity and reputation and has been recognized as major supported export brand by Commerce Department. The company’s annual value of production has consecutively exceeded 1.5 billion RMB within which the export value has consecutively surpassed 200 million USD. In 2011, the export value reached 300 million USD, ranking second nationwide.

Continuous Technology Innovation

Haojin successively cooperated with famous motorcycle companies from Europe, US, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and excellent parts and components companies in mainland China. For example, the cooperation in CAD and CAE field with the experienced Guangdong Machinery Research Institute, the cooperation with TOP 500 enterprise Delphi in EFI technology, the thorough cooperation with Italian company ITT and EDI in motorcycle and engine designing and developing. Haojin also introduced advanced technologies and management experience from China and other countries to improve its capability of introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, maximally utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality of Haojin motorcycles and bring its products to international standards. The company has patented over 180 items and also advocates the combination of production, research and study. Haojin built reliable cooperation with Tianjin Research Institute of Internal Combustion Engine, Guangdong Machinery Research Institute, South China University of Technology, Shanghai Tongji University and Wuhan University, paving the road for its next step to build a national level research center. This helps in re-establishing Guangdong’s position in Chinese motorcycle industry and improving the manufacturing and developing level of Chinese motorcycle industry. At the same time, the development of motorcycle related industries would be boosted to form an industry chain with scale.

A QAS that Helps to Improve Quality

Haojin combines Total Quality Management with ISO9001:2000, enforcing Zero Defect Management and utilizes SPC to conduct real time monitoring. It also organizes a lot of QC events to optimize product quality and establishes a quality assurance system for all personnel and process. Haojin always considers satisfying its customers and reaching international standards as its only standard for production and factory examination when it comes to quality standard.

Haojin has internationally qualified testing center and measuring center as well as an advanced test room for motorcycles, engines and components in many aspects like environment, performance, reliability and endurance. It has a total and effective quality monitoring on original accessories, out-purchased components, interior manufacturing and assembling, assuring the uniformity of every motorcycle leaving the factory.

Haojin focuses on fostering a well-educated staff team. Through the meticulous work of every employee the accuracy of each part and every process is ensured, making the products 100% reach international level.

Achievements & Honors

In Aug.2003: Awarded “Top ten well-know quality products notarization”

In 2003: “The best competitive brand of China machine in 2003”

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