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A Fresh Start from the Heart - Wangye in 2016

Date:21-05-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

Even though having nearly 20 years of experiences, Wangye was still under the unprecedented pressure from all sides of the market situation in recent years, especially in the past two years. Wangye has experienced too much from past to now growing out of nothing since it founded in 1999. With the history of technology, production and personnel, Wangye gets a kind of connotation more than the experience. Since 2013, the industry had been changed greatly that each company was struggling hard as well as Wangye, and some companies even turned to manufacture other products or got bankrupt. It was very difficult to persist when both the domestic and overseas market were depressed. It could be said that every company overcoming this was the king loved by this era. Wangye has persisted in the storm and told everybody at this moment with its efforts, Wangye and Wangye people with particular qualities and wills persisting until now is absolutely not by luck!

Wangye in Recovery with Development after Frustration

Pride goes before a fall. In many years of development of production, with good accumulation of technology, personnel and management, Wangye has made many achievements but not been complacent. Instead, all the ups and downs make Wangye learn more. Now, Wangye people remold its image with their strong willpower, “we don’t intend to play in 2016”.

In brief, Wangye wants to be itself attentively in 2016. As everyone knows, confidence is the first important factor to do everything. A man would be defeated without confidence even though he is much strong. At many times, confidence is more important than the gold. So what Wangye needs to do now is to rebound in confidence! By actual operating and achievements, we will let the dealers, clients and staff believe that Wangye is a brand worthy to be cooperated with, Wangye team is one worthy to be respected, and Wangye people are people worthy to be trusted!

Wangye in Reformation with Unwavering Courage

“We will never evade and be afraid as facing problems and difficulties. We will never be stopped reforming by any trouble!” The reformation is always accompanied with sacrifice and pain. What is Wangye’s reformation like? Firstly, we revise the extensive management mode. This reformation will be systematical, comprehensive, deep and persistent. It has been anticipated to face troubles and problems in this reformation. So we have prepared for these troubles especially in personnel, concepts and thoughts. We have had a plan to steadily improve the regulation, processes and business mode. All in all, we’d rather fight to death than wait for death.

Wangye in Rising with Everyone’s Watching in 2016

A man can not be successful easily as well as a company. It’s a essential quality for a healthy company to be prepared for danger when everything is well. Wangye doesn’t abandon this faith and consequently it survived. So Wangye needs powerful reformation to be confident in flying again. Finally, Wangye has been prepared for “overtaking in corner”. On one hand, “overtaking in corner” is to change the thoughts, change the modes and change itself thoroughly in the corner of thoughts in the downturn economy. On the other hand, it is to accelerate the development of the management and marketing promoting. Wangye will constantly promote and give power to the manufacturing, channels and services in both domestic and foreign market in 2016. So that Wangye can reach the highest peak by all of these promoting and upgrading. Under the guidance of this concept, Wangye will quickly find its own position again in the industry and build up the same image for dealers and consumers it once having!

2015 is gone, and 2016 is coming. Wangye has been prepared for everything to return the prosperity and make the past king stronger. In 2016, Wangye is ready to run!

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