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CST Unveiled New EV Tires, Leading the Industry to Upgrade

Date:18-08-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

Recently, the 2019 CST New EV Tire Launch was held at the 19th North China International Bicycle and E-Bike Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Exhibition). That was the first time that a domestic leading tire brand launches new EV products at a show, and it attracted much attention from the association leaders, dealers, EV enterprises and media.

Dr. Xu Zhiming, general manager of CST Xiamen Group, Mr. Yang Jinwen, sales director of Two-wheeler Marketing Center of CST Xiamen Group, Mr. Cen Yong, marketing director of Two-wheeler Marketing Center of CST Xiamen Group, Mr. Zhang Chuihe, director of CST Xiamen Group’s Two-wheeler R&D center and the other leaders were invited to attend this launch event.

2019 is special in the development history of China's EV industry: the long-awaited new national standard is officially implemented from April 15. The traditional "electric vehicles" in the broadest sense of the term will be divided according to the standard definition into electric bicycles, electric mopeds, and electric motorcycles, which further drives the upgrading of production technology and the subdivision of the EV market.

Around the standard provisions of different varieties, the requirements for electric vehicle products in terms of "lightweight, power optimization, and range maximization" have become a technical issue of the whole industry. As the most critical and "most down-to-earth" part of a vehicle, tires must also realize synchronous technology upgrade to fully meet the new market demand.

As a top tire brand in China, CST is known for its high-end tire image and comprehensive leading technical strength in the EV field. With quality as the guarantee and continuous innovation as the driving force, CST strives to meet the actual needs of domestic electric vehicle consumers. Cheng Shin tires are not only the standard configuration of the main models of domestic first-line EV enterprises such as Aima, Yadea and Tailg, but also far ahead in the sales and maintenance market of terminal electric vehicles.

Combining with the new requirements of new EV national standard, after nearly one year’s research, CST has developed the unique rubber mixing and dispersion technology, with the second generation of nano-silica and coupling technology to reduce energy loss. At the same time, the use of double end modified polyethylene rubber of special molecular structure significantly enhances the adhesion of the rubber to the ground. Eventually, Cheng Shin introduced the "new low rolling resistance G formula" that is more suitable for EV tires.

The core advantages of G formula lie in: firstly, it realized the technical leap of reducing rolling resistance by 40%, which greatly saves energy loss during driving. Secondly, compared with the common formula and the traditional low rolling resistance formula, G formula still maintains a stable dry ground grip, which greatly improves the holding ability to dry ground and at the same time improves the holding ability to the wet ground, further ensuring driving safety.

Focusing on the different actual needs of the three subdivided varieties: e-bikes, e-mopeds and e-motorcycles, CST also launched three series of products with low rolling resistance G formula during the Tianjin Exhibition:

CM595:dedicated lightweight tire for national standard vehicles
CM595 adopts the original infinity gene concept pattern, and the main and auxiliary grooves of the tire shoulder adopt the infinity gene ∞ concept design, improving the drainage performance on both sides of the tread and highlighting the overall design. Center-to-ground ratio and continuous grounding provides direct stability and comfort, effectively reduces rolling resistance, and improves cruising range. At the same time, it adopts PROFILE lightweight optimization design and low density high-performance material to reduce the weight of tire by up to 15%, perfectly meeting the requirements of national standard models.

CM596:safer dedicated lightweight electric mopeds tire
CM596 meets the ground holding requirements for low rolling resistance and wet road surface. It uses the fashionable low rolling resistance pattern. With proper enter-to-ground ratio, continuous grounding, "spiral groove" shoulder, and drilling chain-shaped SIPE design, the wet-road holding ability is greatly improved. Additionally, with the introduction of low rolling resistance G formula, CM596 will fully meet users’ demand for long cruising range and safety.

NK01specially designed for electric motorcycles

NK01 uses the new pattern for electric sport motorcycles. Through the large flow line main ditch design and careful calculation design of the decorative pattern groove angle, NK01 ensures the vehicle of lower energy loss, better riding stability and safety. It adopts FEA simulation to optimize outline design to secure the grounding area at large turning angles, greatly improving the safety control experience. It uses a composite tire crown structure, with the new low rolling resistance G formula used inside. Both sides of the crown use the high grip formula to provide the tire with low roll resistance as well as a stronger ground grip, enabling the rider to enjoy a care-free riding experience.

As the new era of EV standard comes, tires, as a core spare part, should be upgraded without delay. As one of the top tire brands in China, CST launching three new series tires with new low rolling resistance G formula at Tianjin Exhibition is likely to lead the industry to a new round of technical upgrading, and providing users with better riding experience. It has become a model of best practice in the whole industry.

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