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Two-Wheeler Self-Repairing Liquid From Quick Fix Gives You An Ultimate Experience Of Rapid Repairing

Date:18-08-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

Two-Wheeler Self-Repairing Liquid From Quick Fix

Gives You An Ultimate Experience Of Rapid Repairing

In 1939, Mr. Charles Cornell founded TECH International and created the cold vulcanization technology which had led an epoch-making transformation of tire repair. Now a full range of TECH’s products include radial and bias repairs, one-piece & stem repairs, rope rubber repairs, RFID ID, vulcanizing agent and related chemicals, uncured cushion gum and glue gun etc. There are four brands of TRC: TECH, Salvadori、Industrial PANG and Quick Fix, in which Quick Fix mainly focuses on the tire repair for two-wheeler.

TECH International (Shanghai) Technology Rubber Co., Ltd. had a launch event at the 19th North China International Bicycle and E-Bike Exhibition. General manager of TECH International and Southeast Asia Mr. Wang Fangbin made a speed and introduced the new product: Quick Fix two-wheeler self-repairing liquid.

Quick Fix two-wheeler self-repairing liquid has a good flowing property, which can realize rapid repairing, durability, and features being anticorrosive, environmental-friendly, hydrosoluble and so on. Compared with the like products, Quick Fix is adopted rubber particles of high quality which are 2-3 times the viscosity of the like products. It features rapid permeability, strong air impermeability, repairing gash, no slow air leakage after repairing, free of bubbles and so on. TECH International is a wholly-owned American company, so Quick Fix two-wheeler self-repairing liquid is also strict with itself by international standards and both its quality and price have gotten good reviews and received widespread attentions from dealers.

Variety: Environmental Friendly Type, Low Temperature Type, Ultralow Temperature Type

Specification: 250ml 、350ml、500ml

(A friendly reminder from the brand: Quick Fix two-wheeler self-repairing liquid can be used as a lash-up rapid repairing product. Under the circumstance that the vehicle’s running speed does not exceed 50km/h, using this product can guarantee that the wheel hub will not be corroded within 2 years. But it is still suggested that after using it for emergency, you have to repair the tire in the professional tire repair shop.)

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