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New National Standard, New Era, New Product--CST RunOnFlat Providing Light-Hearted Riding Experience

Date:18-08-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

New National Standard, New Era, New Product--CST RunOnFlat Providing Light-Hearted Riding Experience

With the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles, EV market has ushered in a new era. During the 19th North China International Bicycle and E-Bike Exhibition, many EV brands and EV parts brands launched new series of products to meet the new industry standard.

During the Exhibition, CST held a 2019 new product launch event, theme on “Commitment to Innovation, Future E Mobility”. Three new tyre products, tailored to the new national standard, electric mopeds and electric motorcycles, were released, which attracted the attention of many assembling factories, dealers, consumers and media.

In addition, CST launched the second generation of RunOnFlat tyre. It adopts the creative self-support technology (National invention patent No. 201721774997.1) that enables the tyre to continue to run for 50km at a speed of 30km/h when the tyre is under zero tire pressure. This tyre adopts multi-layer high-strength tire body design, which not only enhances the RunOnFlat function, but also greatly improves the load capacity. The tread material is designed with ultra wear-resistant formula, significantly improving the wear mileage, durability and cost performance of the tire.

CST has introduced to the market the first generation of RunOnFlat tyre during 2017 Tianjin Exhibition, which solved the safety problems caused by puncture, runflat of tyre. It has won much attention and praise from many mainstream manufacturers and consumers, and been used by many well-known EV manufacturers

The second generation of RunOnFlat tyre continues the core advantages of the first generation. To address the issues, such as tyre easily running away from the rim due to irregular and nonstandard products, CST launched the new self-developed RunOnFlat tyre. It added the anti-off ring at the bead seat to enhance the tightness between the tyre and rim during low/no pressure riding, ensuring safe riding.

CST hopes that the second generation RunOnFlat can truly ease the consumers’ primary concern for tyres--being punctured to provide them with a worry-free riding experience.

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