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CST Fuels AFC Ajax into UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals

Date:23-07-2019 Source:MEGA CHINAMOTOR

CST Fuels AFC Ajax into UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals

When it comes to the most appealing and best professional football league in the world, UEFA Champions League (UCL) is second to none.

UCL not only represents for the highest recognition and honor of European football clubs, but also accounts for club events of the highest global influences and competition.

Owing to this high-level competition, key players of tire industry spare no efforts to commercial clashes by means of club sponsorships. Best examples are Nexen on Manchester City FC, Falken on Liverpool FC, Linglong on Juventus FC, and Yokohama on Chelsea FC. However, through the UCL quarter-finals, CST becomes the champion of the clash as AFC Ajax  official sponsorAFC Ajax won the second leg of UCL quarter-finals against Junvetus FC by 1-2 at Turin, and advanced UCL semi-finals with aggregation 3-2. The Amsterdam miracle in UCL still continues. Here down below is 3-minute video clip, showing how this miracle has been realized by CST-sponsored AFC Ajax.

AFC Ajax is the official partner of CST, the Chinese tire key players. Since 2013, CST and AFC Ajax have been in close cooperation and by 2016, CST was acquired the official partnership with the Dutch giant.

AFC Ajax will strive for the UCL title with other competitors, and their success and victories also enhance the brand influences of CST in European market.

AFC Ajax plays a pivotal role, while CST has been developing EU and neighboring markets, fulfilling the ever-lasting global strategies. Fans who love watching UCL and Ajax FC games can recognize the CST branding images. This could pave a road for CST to the Champion of global tire industry.

“Use CST, Feel Assured” is all that CST holds fast to. Above other Chinese tire makers, CST is renowned with outstanding quality and service. It is believed CST branding promotion will be noticed with Ajax victory. More and more consumers can enjoy excellent products and professional services from CST.

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