Qingqi QM125GY-H

Date:06-01-2017 Source:chinamotor

It seems that Qingqi has invested a lot and bears high expectation on off-road models this year. Recently, CHINAMOTOR and I were invited to have a test ride on two off-road models – QM200GY-G and QM125GY-H that Qingqi newly developed to cater to the taste of the young generation. The first one we tested is a complete off-road model, while QM125GY-H we rode is a cyclocross. According to Qingqi, GY-H series is also designed to have off-road editions.

You can have the certain specialty bikes as you need. Standard street bikes or scooters can be a good commuting means. Dirt bikes are better for “hard core” off-road riding, and big touring bikes are better for remote trip. What about a road edition off-road motorcycle, such as 125GY-H? The answer is that 125GY-H is capable of serving dual use purposes.

Qingqi QM125GY-H Highlights

The engine is to a vehicle what the heart is to people. Therefore, the engine is what makes a vehicle alive, energetic and brave. Qingqi put a GS125 engine on QM125GY-H. The GS series engines are developed by introducing the product technology of SUZUKI and have 125CC, 150CC, 200CC and 250CC models, the structure and technology of which vary from each other and ensures best working status of the engine. Technically on the GS engine, timing chain drive and accurate air distribution are better for efficient combustion and lower noise; accurate and punctual digital ignition also ensures full combustion; helical drive gear brings big drive torque and lower noise. Besides, the engine using wet multi-plate spiral spring clutch and paper based friction plate effectively reduces engine vibration and noise; meanwhile, it improves the transmission efficiency of clutch and ensures more smooth and steady output of power.

Since 125GY-H is a new bike, what Qingqi gives the bike pretty fresh is the newly designed front headlight and fairing, the fuel tank coverings, and stainless steel muffler, which are all perfectly fitting into the beautiful overall outlook of the bike.

Out on the road

The ride was on a fairly nice day. We rode QM125GY-H out of Jinan city center, and then passed different tracks and rode in different conditions. That is how we are able to determine if the engine works to its best on the bike or if the suspension serves competently there.

This time I got a partner rider on the road with me, and he was testing the QM200GY-G dirt bike. Before we drove to the countryside, we covered a distance of broad smooth highway running between towns. My 125GY-H has no problem chasing 200GY-G, being nothing difficult to overtake the rest vehicles on the road. I speeded up and reached a top of 105km/h. Then what I felt good about the engine is that it generates progressive and sustainable power. All the way riding toward the west of Jinan, we then headed to a mountain area, with frequent bumpy road surfaces. The inverted front shock damper and built-in rear center shock absorber performed well on rough road and long travel. For people about 160 pounds like me, the suspension is fairly good on different roads. Along the whole journey, the brakes reacted sensitively, which relieve me of any worries at high speed and on unpaved surfaces.

With only one day on the Qingqi 125GY-H, covering a total distance of about 120km, I really like the overall handling of the bike and the way it corners, although the new bike is a little bit heavy. What I must mention about this bike is its fuel efficiency. As we tested on the road, the 125GY-H consumed less than three litres for 100km’s drive on bumpy and rough roads. I have to say this bike features a most capable engine and most efficient fuel consumption among the 125CC motorcycles I have ridden from China. After one day’s riding, I felt the seat height against the handle bars is appropriate, and my legs are freely rested and stretched on the bike, however, I thought the saddle was not so comfortable, a little bit hard for a long drive.

Test Data

Fuel consumption 0-80 16.5
No. Fuel filled Distance covered Remarks 0-90 21.6
Test 1 1L 34.7km bumpy country road 30-50 02.6
Test 2 1L 41.5km country road to smooth road 50-70 05.3
Test 3 1L 27.9km acceleration tests, smooth road driving Vmax 89.9
Acceleration BEST
ACCEL (km/h) Time (s) 0-60 07.6
0-10 00.8 30-50 02.8
0-20 01.8 50-70 05.3
0-30 02.7 Distance (m) Time (s) V (Km/h)
0-40 04.0 100 09.0 65.1
0-50 05.5 200 14.1 76.4
0-60 07.6 400 22.9 84.0
0-70 10.9

To sum up

Qingqi 125GY-H is nice to look and good to ride. The power unit is awesome, the operation is smooth, and the ride is pleasant. Although the motorcycle is a little heavier than many others of its kind but not so heavy that it loses much in agility. Qingqi has done a great job in bringing out this motorcycle.

From my point of view, Qingqi 125GY-H is a better dual sport. I can drive it down the main boulevard in the city, keep up with traffic on the freeway, and fly down gravel or dirt roads and even do off road riding when I feel like to. Do not forget this is a highway Cyclo-Cross. It is able to handle freeway speeds as well as surface street stop-and-go traffic if you are riding it to work. It can take you out of town and hit some of the rugged roads while enjoying the roadside nature landscape.

Model QM125GY-H(ASD) Engine Type 1-cylinder,4-stroke,air-cooled
L×W ×H (mm) 2160×830×1120 Displacement (ml) 124
Wheelbase (mm) 1405 Max Power (kw∕rpm) 8.0/9500
Ground Clearance (mm) 240 Max Torque (N·m∕rpm) 9.0/8000
Seat Height (mm) 870 Starter System Electric
Dry Mass (KG) 128 Drive System Chain drive
Fuel Capacity (L) 10.6 Clutch Wet multiple plate
Fuel Efficiency (L∕100km) ≤1.6 Brake (front/rear) Disc/Disc
Max Speed (km∕h) ≥90 Tyre (front/rear) 110/70-17  130/70-17
More Informationhttp://www.gs-suzuki.cn/en/index.aspx

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