QINGQI KR GV300S New Release


October 3, 2019
Posted by: chinamotor

Since its establishment, QINGQI KR has successively launched GV250 (CKD) and HYOSUNG’s classic model GV650 (complete vehicle import) in China, which made the company stand out in this market segment. On May 17,2019, QINGQI KR’s new factory was officially completed and put into operation. On September 17, GV300S launch conference was officially held.

QINGQI KR GV300S 2GV300S is made in a Bobber style. Bobber, a common retro style motorcycle, is theoretically derived from the English word “Bobbed”, which is mainly to simplify the original motorcycle structure by removing or cutting short the mudguard, changing to be single-seat, and reducing all the redundant parts.

GV300S well demonstrated the Bobber style, with shortened mudguard, downsized fuel tank and reduced seat, while maintaining the independence of each part and the unity of the overall design elements. In terms of positioning, GV300S is more inclined to be an urban cruising motorcycle. The sitting posture is upright and slightly forward, which is obviously different from the previous GV250/GV650. The overall appearance shows a dark style of visual effect, with only bright color ornament at the upper part of front shock absorber and the cylinder head of engine. The handlebar, buttons, shock absorbers, and other small parts retain retro elements.QINGQI KR GV300S 3

GV300S is powered by a water-cooled 8-valve V-twin, with a 60° included angle that is more conducive to the minimizing the frame and increasing the modification space of frame and wheel hub. The 296ml engine provides a maximum power of 22kW/8,500rpm and a maximum torque of 25.6N·m/6,500rpm, which is a competitive edge among all types of rivals. The abundant torque plus the large rear 52-tooth chain wheel provides a smooth acceleration experience.

GV300S adopts a highly rigid cradle frame, which is adjusted to increase the front wheel load, making the front and rear center of gravity distribution at 42:58. Besides, the 1,410mm-long wheelbase effectively improves the handling and braking effect. To fit with the Bobber style, GV300S uses thickened tire specifications, front 120/80-16, rear 150/80-15 (TIMSUN tires). The front vertical shock absorber is matched with a retro style dirt-proof rubber cover. The back is given (preload) adjustable double shock absorbers. GV300S’s front brake adopts opposite four-piston calipers, and the rear brake has opposite double-piston calipers, with standard ABS.

The ultimate fun to play with retro motorcycles lies in self-modification. GV300S also allows plenty of room for modification. For example, the rear shell can be easily separated from the frame, needless of cutting to change it to a bobtail.

The launch of GV300S further enriches the retro model market in China. It has few competitors among the domestic 300cc models.


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