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BS250-13-Ⅱ is one street sport model with independent intellectual property, smooth and compact covering design, novel and simple structure and excellent comprehensive performance.


Tube-sheet welding frame

The tube sheet welding frame uses the package welding of stamping parts instead of butt welding technology at the connection of the main beam pipe and the main support pipe of the frame, which reduces the cost, increases the strength, reduces the welding stress and improves the welding aesthetics.


Engine and carburetor

With PR 250 engine, the power and torque are 30% higher than traditional 250cc engine, and the engine vibration is small. Vacuum diaphragm type carburetor can provide better fuel supply for engine.


Inverted front shock absorber, single rear shock absorber

The front shock absorber of anodized black highlights the domineering and high-end of the street sports motorbike, and the red single rear shock absorber adds the sport style of bike. Single rear shock absorber, better comfort and handling.


Front disc rear disc brake system

Disc plate brake is used for front and rear brake system, with excellent braking performance, good anti heat and water recession performance, which can provide reliable braking performance for bike in various complex running conditions.


Tubeless sport style tyre, Front tyre size 100/80-17,rear tyre size 130/70-17,


LED daytime riding lights, new LED turning light

Unique shape, novel style, LED bead design, low heat, durable, more luminous, energy saving and environmental protection, novel and beautiful.

Metal material large volume fuel tank with racing fuel tank cap

Metal large volume fuel tank, suitable for long journey, it is perfect combination of leisure and sports.


Front black bumper

Providing more safe protection for rider


Larger Aluminum alloy rear armrest


Black aluminum alloy rear armrest is stable and comfortable.


Digital instrument

Full digital LCD instrument, humanized display, novel shape with high grade.

Main and auxiliary sub seat cushions


The main and auxiliary seat cushions are respectively made by fine matte anti-skid leather, which is comfortable and wear-resistant. The sub seat design is close to the sports car design with strong sport style.


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