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Design Ultimate |Experience of Mechanical Aesthetics

Ultimate mechanical aesthetics, distinct angularity, aggressiveness exposure

The swift and sharp body work styling with the strong metal mechanical sense manifest its unique character. High-end street-running configuration, with dexterous designandgood control,the lowly sitting heightandhighlyground clearance is just born for sport

Full LCD back-light digital instrument, global controlfor accurate


Integrate the battery capacity display, current, gear, speed, mileage, driving preparation and other driving information, with clear display, being clear at a glance

Eye of Wisdom

Diamond headlights and LED light strip manifest high quality

Large-capacity storage tank

Pre-positive 13L large-capacity storage box meet more storage functions

Multi-array LED composite tail lamp


Driving and controlling |super-strong outbreak makesadrenaline soaring instantly


High-performance high-power middle-mounted motor, instantaneous

overtaking under rampage mode  

High-power middle-mounted motor, with adoption of belt drive, bettermute effect and comfort, greater low -speed torque, faster acceleration performance, stronger climbing ability

Maximum efficiency reaching


Rotationspeed ratio

1: 4.72

Peak torque


Broadband efficiency

> 80%

Angle of climbing

> 14 °


CINECO high-end vector controller

Global dynamic is under the control completely

It has the advantages of electricity saving and low heating, integrating such functions as electronic brake, kinetic energy recovery, CAN communication, runaway protection, remote lock, link APP data etc. Cooperate with high-precision control computation program to stimulate the performance potential of the electric drive system.

Detachable-type large-capacity lithium battery, super-powerful energy cannot be underestimated


High-performance lithium battery with ternary material is adopted, with good safety performance, high discharge efficiency, low heating capacity, less internal resistance, low power consumption, full realization of high energy supply.


72 V26 Ah

Small volume and large capacity

More than 600 times of

charging and discharging




Convenient disassembly


Passing the test conforming to international standard

(Vibration test, transportation test, drop test, etc.)

Multiple-item extreme test

Automobile -level CAN bus system

* (Realize the information the two-wayhigh-speedaccurate transmission, being more efficient, faster, more accurate than conventional 485 and single-line breakover)

Intelligent BMS battery protection system

* (Eight protection functions ofBMS: over-voltage, over-current, over-discharge, over- temperature, over-charging, under-voltage, differential pressure balance, short-circuit protection)


QUALITY | Is tough enough, and do not afraid any tests

Inverted front damping

Effective filtration turbulence

Lightweight high-strength cradle-type rack

More tough and capricious

The lightweight new material is applied to enable that the weight is reduced by 12.5kg

Excellent craftsmanship, keep improving

Adoptthe full automatic welding by robot, electrophoretic technology + powder- spraying and paint-baking rack

The paint-baking is subjected to 1500-hour endurance test, over8-year life standard,

Achieving high precision and high quality


Thickened central rear shock absorption is more comfortable and reliable

Racing-level front and rear disc brake system

Sensitive brake,exercisingacombination of inflexibilityandyielding

Collocate (formerly φ210mm, rear φ180mm) the racing-level disc brake system; equip the auxiliary braking function, braking curve is softer, more comfortable and more secure.Meanwhile, the thermal recession rate or water recession rate under high- temperature weather or rainwater is < 5%, fullycomplying with the fueledmotorcycle level standard.

12-inch widened vacuum tire

Front: 110/ 70-12

Rear: 120/ 70-12

High trafficability, waterproof protection, more secure

180mm high ground clearance, 200mm wading height, stronger trafficability. All electric connectors are adopted with automobile water proofing connectors, failing to be afraid of stormwater weather or wading environment.

Model ZS1500D-2(CITY SLICKER) (Urban version)  ZS1500D-2(CITY SLICKER) (Dynamic version)  ZS1500D-2(CITY SLICKER) (Luxurious version) 
Dimension (mm) 1,800(L)*755(W)*1,040(H) 1,800(L)*755(W)*1,040(H) 1,800(L)*755(W)*1,040(H)
Weight (kg) 82 (without battery) 82 (without battery) 82 (without battery)
Seat Height (mm) 760 760 760
Wheelbase (mm) 1,265 1,265 1,265
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 180 180 180
Brake (Front\Rear) Disc/Disc Disc/Disc Disc/Disc
Tire F: 110/70-12; R: 120/70-12, vacuum tire F: 110/70-12; R: 120/70-12, vacuum tire F: 110/70-12; R: 120/70-12, vacuum tire
Speed (km/h) 40 45 60
Battery 60V20Ah, lithium battery 60V26Ah, lithium battery 72V26Ah, lithium battery
Motor (W) 800W, hub motor 1200W, hub motor 1500W, hub motor
Controller Vector controller Vector controller Vector controller
Range (km) 70 90 100
Gradeability 8 10 14

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