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The 450cc engine marks the best displacement for DAKAR RALLY. It is result of decades of events, standing at the pivot that links performance, fuel economy and reliability. RX4 is equipped with NC450 engine experienced DAKAR RALLY. It is a blend of six advanced technologies, namely optimized air passage, combustion system, cavity-split lubrication system, needle bearing rocker arm system, piston spray hole system, exclusive EFI water cooling system as well as built-in balance shaft. The Max. power goes up to 32kw/9000rpm, with the Max. torque standing at 40N·m/7000rpm. Delivering unmatched performance, it conquers the rough road of all kinds.



Compared to NC250 engine, NC450 engine has been adjusted structurally in the thermal mechanism:


Deliver higher low-speed torque using medium-speed cam.


The introduction of universal joint ball valve adjusting screw and roller rocker arm technology developed by Piaggio, the use of imported material for valve spring to lower noise and improve durability.


The introduction of squishswirl combustiondeveloped by Piaggio to improve combustion efficiency, performance and fuel economy.



Off-road class frame


The compact body is in compliance with international Rally standard, with incomparable stiffness and tenacity. It is a perfect fit with NC450 engine and delivers an extremely cool sense of driving with them combined. The great passability is fearless to any harsh road conditions.



Special damping system


22-level tunable inverted front shock absorber and 15-level central rear shock absorber meet the demands of all riders. The rear shock absorber features a special rocker arm structure, which sends bump miles away. The professionals bravo all the way down the 10,000 miles-long test trip. The ride comfort is fantastic and the handling feels agile and sensitive.


Designed for long trip


Go on a unique way



The length of body   wheelbase   ground clearance   height of body

width of body


Excellent ergonomics engineering


Comfortable golden triangle design works very well in alleviating the fatigue along a long trip. Riding while standing is possible over bumpy road, which helps offer better comfort.


Three boxes with large capacity

Exclusively customized ultra-large side &tail boxes with reasonable design and much improved strength.


Split saddle

The split saddle features leather imported from Italy, with premium quality and better water-proof function. It fits in well with the figure of human body, offering a better comfort.


External filler

Externally mounted filler, easier and quicker for filling over the trip


Auto light sensation headlamp

The headlamp that features a set of big and small eyes is equipped with a LED running lamp, cool-looking and striking; the headlamp is activated automatically when the motorcycle is running through the tunnel, which is safe and worry-free.


USB charging interface

With USB positioned perfectly, it is easy to charge the mobile phone and GPS, sending the worry of power-off miles away.


Fully LCD electronic instrument

Ultra large fully LCD electronic instrument with a complete set of parameters indicated.


Regulatory windshield

The angle of the front windshield depends on the height of the driver and the weather conditions, offering better comfort over a long trip.

Extreme ride

Extraordinary, go on a unique way


Front&rear disc brakes with large diameter + ABS

Front dualwave-shaped disc brakes and rear single wave-shaped disc brake with large diameter offer robust braking force; in combination with ABS, operation safety is perfectly ensured.


20L ultra large fuel tank

20L ultra large fuel tank equipped single cylinder engine features outstanding fuel economy and much extended range.


Front mudguard shield

Front mudguard features covered edge which helps avoid splashing mud and reduce the impact of the dust on shock absorber.


High-mounted stainless steel-made muffler

The muffler made of stainless steel features a tail-mounted layout, with the depth of wading up to 700mm.


Chain guard

The highly wearable acrylatemodified rubber and rollaway chain are designed to extend the service life of chain ad chain guard

Energy absorption-type spoked wheel hub

It helps absorb the impact applied to the hub rapidly when the motorcycle runs over the pit. It helps improve safety and stability.


All terrain tire

The off-road wheel system with the bigger one at the front and the smaller one at the rear goes with all terrain tires, which conquers the road conditions of all kinds easily. The 150/70-17 rear wheel ensures grip and output. The 110/80-19 front wheel helps improve passability.


The key technical parameters of Cyclone RX4

Model ZS500GY (RX4)
Dimension (mm) 2,100(L)*880(W)*1,390(H)
Wheelbase (mm) 1,425
Curb Weight (kg) 204
Seat Height (mm) 810/920
Min. Ground Clearance 210
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 20
Brake (Front\Rear) Disc/Disc
Tire F: 110/80R19, R: 150/70R17
Max. Speed (km/h) 160
Engine Type NC450, single-cylinder, 4-valve, 4-stroke, water-cooled, camshaft upward, with balance shaft
Displacement (cc) 450.3
Bore × Stroke (mm) 94.5*64
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Start Electric
Ignition ECU
Max. Power (kw/rpm) 30/8,000
Max. Torque (N·m/rpm) 37/7,000
Transmission 6-speed
Economical Fuel Consumption (L/100km) 3.6
Fuel Supply System EFI

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