ZNEN E-Cruise

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ZNEN E-Cruise

ZNEN E-Cruise

1. The overall shape of the vehicle is round, soft and stable, designed with retro elements as the keynote, and the body decorated with chrome and silver plated strips has a strong sense of retro.
2. LED light with high brightness and low power consumption is adopted, which has beautiful appearance and high identification.
3.User can lift lithium battery, which is easier to charge and change. It has imported battery core and long service cycle.
4. BMS system: weak current control, strong current, over discharge and over impulse multiple protection are safer.
5. LCD communication instrument is used to monitor the power surplus and vehicle condition information in real time.
6. Equipped with Bosch motor with large torque and high efficiency, the mileage is longer and the fault is lower.
7. Optional Bluetooth app
8. Aluminum fork; replacement safety, more beautiful; lighter weight;
9. Home-use version and delivery versions are both available.

Model E-Cruise
Dimension (mm) 1,875(L)*700(W)*1,140(H) 1,875(L)*700(W)*1,140(H) 1,875(L)*700(W)*1,140(H) 1,875(L)*700(W)*1,140(H) 1,875(L)*700(W)*1,140(H)
Weight (kg) 103 99 114 114 138
Seat Height (mm)          
Wheelbase (mm) 1,365 1,365 1,365 1,365 1,365
Min. Ground Clearance (mm)          
Brake (Front\Rear) Disc/Disc Disc/Disc Disc/Disc Disc/Disc Disc/Disc
Tire F: 110/70-12; R: 110/70-12 F: 110/70-12; R: 110/70-12 F: 110/70-12; R: 110/70-12 F: 110/70-12; R: 110/70-12 F: 110/70-12; R: 110/70-12
Speed (km/h) 25, 45 45 80 70 25, 45
Battery 60V28Ah lithium 60V20Ah lithium; 60V20Ah*2 lithium 72V46Ah lithium 72V20Ah*2 lithium 72V20Ah lead acid
Motor (W) 60V3000W 60V3000W 72V4700W 72V4700W 72V3000W
Range (km)          

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