BENDA Released VTC300

BENDA Released VTC300 BENDA Released VTC300  Chinese motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 03

August 9, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – BENDA released a new sibling to Chinchilla: VTC300 (BD300-16) in July. In appearance, TC300 is slightly larger than Chinchilla, with a curb weight of 177kg, 7kg heavier than Chinchilla.  With the same 16-inch wheels, VTC300 has 130/90 front tires, which are more robust than Chinchilla.

While the headlights and water tank are the same as Chinchilla, VTC300’s handlebars are longer and straighter, which makes riders feel more comfortable to sit. The most prominent difference between the two bikes is that VTC300 has a double-sided exhaust design, plus a long wheelbase of 1,520mm. This version gives riders one more choice.

In terms of power, VTC300 still uses the same engine as Chinchilla V2, with an actual displacement of 298cc, maximum power of 22.5kw /8,500rmp, and maximum torque of 25.3N·m /7,000rmp.

About configuration, LED lighting system, LCD instrument, dual channel ABS, belt drive and so on are standard.

There are two reasons for the debut of VTC300, a model that is very similar to but not the same as Chinchilla. On one hand, BENDA wanted to improve the model according to comments of riders on Chinchilla since it came into the market. On the other hand, BENDA aimed to give riders more choices under the competitive pressure from the Honda CM300.

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