October 12, 2019
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Recently, under the guidance of China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle, mainstream motorcycle media and professional riders from China National Motorcycle Testing Center (Tianjin) gathered at the testing center for the union test of CFMOTO’s CF650GT (mass production model).CFMOTO CF650GT TEST REVIEW

This assessment strictly adopts the international mainstream motorcycle evaluation criterion, with a five-point grading system:

★★★★★=full score, ★=1 point, ☆=half a point

  1. Positioning of the motorcycle ★★★★☆

(a touring model with sports features, conforming to the international trend) 4.5

  1. Appearance design ★★★★☆

(avant-garde, smooth and dynamic lines) 4.5

  1. Assembly technology ★★★★☆

(precise assembling, even joints) 4.5

  1. Weight control ★★★★☆

(reasonably distributed center of gravity, good for handling) 4.5

  1. Seat height ★★★★☆

(795mm, suitable for most Asian people) 4.5CFMOTO CF650GT TEST REVIEW

  1. Comfortable riding posture ★★★★☆

(proper riding triangle matched with three-section adjustable front pedal) 4.5

  1. Light clutch ★★★★

(flexible clutch operation, adjustable according to the rider’s finger length) 4

  1. Throttle delicacy ★★★☆

(delicate pull-wire throttle) 3.5

  1. Idle stability ★★★☆

(stable idle speed 1300rpm ± 100) 3.5

  1. Handlebar button quality ★★★☆

(good quality, but with special layout to get familiar with) 3.5

  1. Seat comfort ★★★★

(soft enough, comfortable) 4

  1. Pillion seat comfort ★★★

(small and narrow pillion, hard, without backrest) 3CFMOTO CF650GT TEST REVIEW

  1. Overall push ★★★★
  2. Starting smoothness ★★★★☆

(smooth starting) 4.5

  1. Gear shifting ★★★★

(clear gears, easy engaging and disengaging: the first to second gear is larger, the second to fourth gear is relatively closer set, the torque increases rapidly in the fifth gear, and the sixth gear is suitable for high-speed cruising) 4

  1. Handlebar directionality ★★★★

(correct directing) 4

  1. 0-100km/h acceleration ★★★★

(smooth acceleration and gear shifting, time of acceleration: 5.5s) 4CFMOTO CF650GT TEST REVIEW

  1. 100-0km/h braking ★★★★

(linear braking operation, adequate braking force) 4

  1. Top speed testing ★★★☆

(GPS reading is 180km/h+) 3.5

  1. Low speed controlling (<30km/h)★★★★

(CF650GT has a low center of gravity, good controlling experience, smooth low speed output, easy control) 4

  1. Middle speed controlling (31-80km/h) ★★★★

(power output is smooth at middle speed range, the overall frame performance is good, and the shock absorption system is comfortable; the original front 120/70ZR17 and rear 160/60ZR17 Metzeler tires lack confidence at corners at the middle speed range, but the cornering stability is enhanced after the replacing the tires with CST S1 tires) 4

  1. High speed controlling (>80km/h) ) ★★★★☆

(the dynamic experience at 80~120km/h is very good, and the vibration is properly suppressed; the comfortable design of riding triangle ensures long-time comfort; the windshield does not work very well, and when it is adjusted to the highest position, the rider still needs to bend down to let the air flow through the top of the helmet; when riding at a high speed, the original Metzeler tires performed well, but the replacement with CST S1 semi-hot melt tires can further improve the high speed stability; even in a closed field, CST S1 can provide favorable support for high-speed stability in the speed range of 150km/h~180km/h) 4.5

  1. Shifting of weight ★★★★

(fast shifting of weight) 4

  1. ABS intervention timing★★★☆

(the standard configuration of Continental ABS and the Metzeler tires match perfectly with each other; the intervention timing lags behind) 3.5

  1. ABS intervention at curves, X

(no curve ABS) 0

  1. DTC intervention, X


  1. Other electric control devices ★★★★☆

(TFT color screen with human-machine interaction system displays clearly with complete functions, also equipped with CFMOTO’s intelligent system) 4.5

  1. Wind noise rejection ★★★★

(the front design of the motorcycle effectively reduces the wind resistance coefficient; with the adjustable windshield system, the wind noise is properly suppressed) 4

  1. Urban riding simulation ★★★☆

(Due to the good medium-low speed control experience of CF650GT and the smooth output of the parallel two-cylinder power platform, its operation on urban roads is good. However, due to the high heat of the engine and the width of the side boxes, the riding experience is greatly affected in urban congestion) 3.5

  1. Mountain road riding simulation ★★★★

(the center of gravity is designed to a low position, which enables quick curve-passing action; the shock absorption setting is comfortable, but lacks stability at curves; the CST S1 tire can improve the stability at curves) 4

  1. Unpaved road surface riding ★★

(unsuitable) 2

  1. Engine sound ★★★★☆

(although it is a two-cylinder configuration, the sound wave is full and pleasant, and the dynamic sound wave outperforms other products of the same platform) 4.5

  1. Fuel consumption record ★★★☆

(urban roads + highway: 4.5~5L/100km) 3.5

  1. Suspension ★★★★

(comfortable shock absorber adjustment, slow dynamic rebound damping, but providing long-distance riding comfort.) 4

  1. Braking ★★★★

(when braking at medium and low speed, braking force feedback is good; the original Metzeler tires perform well at high-speed braking; changing to CST S1 tires enhances braking distance and stability) 4

  1. Instrument ★★★★☆

(clear display, full function, support man-machine interconnection and CFMOTO intelligent system) 4.5

  1. Dynamic vibration ★★★★☆

(at low/medium speed range, the overall vibration is properly suppressed; when the speed exceeds 100km/h, the hands and legs feel small vibration; when cruising on highway or national highway, the corresponding rev is 4,300rpm in 6th gear, and the vibration suppression is good, which is conducive to CF650GT to perform the function of sports touring.) 4.5

  1. Comprehensive quality ★★★★☆

(CF650GT is one of the few high-quality large-displacement motorcycles produced by domestic motorcycle enterprises, and its power experience and handling are comparable to similar international models; if replacing the original tires with CST S1 tires, the overall handling will be further improved) 4.5

Total score: 144 points

Average: 3.79 points

(Reference points: BMW F 750 GS: 4.23 points)


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