GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E+ Review

GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E+ Review GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E Review Chinese electric bike 08

November 23, 2020
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Every trail, every steep climb, every thrilling downhill. This full-suspension, fully capable E-bike gives you the power to enjoy the best parts of the ride again and again.

This premium full-suspension enduro bike with Hybrid Cycling Technology delivers true all-mountain action and fun that never has to end. Engineered with 160mm of Maestro suspension and high-performance SyncDrive Pro motor technology, it gives you 360 percent tunable pedal assistance so you can conquer steep, technical climbs and enjoy rowdy descents with confidence and control. The lightweight yet super strong ALUXX SL aluminum frame is seamlessly integrated with the updated EnergyPak 500 battery for long-distance trail riding adventures. Connectivity is guaranteed with Giant’s E-bike App, which offers navigation, health and fitness functionalities. And the RideControl ONE gives this trail performer integrated, user-friendly button controls that are simple to use and out of the way.

Key performance factors:

Trail technology

Proven Maestro suspension (160mm) and Giant’s SyncDrive Pro motor technology, which offers 360 percent tunable support, boost a rider’s capabilities on steep climbs and rugged, technical descents.

GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E+ Review GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E Review Chinese electric bike 04

Total control

RideControl ONE offers integrated, user-friendly button controls that are easy to use through the Giant E-bike App with navigation, health and fitness functionalities.

GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E+ Review GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E Review Chinese electric bike 03

Long-lasting power

Climb steep mountains and enjoy fun descents all day long with the downtube integrated EnergyPak featuring 500Wh of capacity. The battery charges to 80% in just 60 minutes with Giant’s 6A Fast Charger.

GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E+ Review GIANT Enduro Electrified MY20 REIGN E Review Chinese electric bike 05

Hybrid Cycling Technology

Hybrid Cycling Technology is a system that combines electric power with human power to produce a smart, natural and powerful E-bike riding experience. It’s an integrated group of technologies that includes our RideControl control unit, EnergyPak battery systems and SyncDrive motor.


The handlebar-mounted RideControl units make it easy to switch between power modes and view critical ride data such as battery charge, speed, distance and GPS. You can use navigation features, record your ride, set fitness goals and view system data.


Giant’s SyncDrive motors automatically detect pedaling cadence and force along with speed and motor rotation. The motor delivers power based on a rider’s input and the chosen support mode. This pedaling support blends seamlessly with a rider’s input, so it feels smooth and natural.


Advanced motor technologies and battery systems help you ride farther and faster with less effort. Providing up to 360% additional support, Giant offers motors for every style of riding, from commuting and recreational riding to high-performance trail and road riding. Their EnergyPak battery systems give you long-lasting range, and smart charging technologies make it quick and easy to recharge.


SyncDrive Pro

SyncDrive Pro is updated for 2020 with Smart Assist technology tuned to deliver a powerful, performance-oriented riding style with improved assistance at higher cadences.

The SyncDrive Pro has 80Nm of power output and offers superior torque and support ratios up to 360 percent. This means that, in the Power mode, 100 percent of human torque input offers 360 percent pedal-assist. With the new and adjustable support ratios, the rider can decide what ratio they want to get out of the motor. This offers more freedom in the way the motor reacts to rider input and how the E-bike rides and handles.

Smart Assist calculates the amount of torque, cadence, slope and speed and, based on these calculations, determines the amount of motor output the rider needs. Made for performance-minded riders, this motor offers 80Nm of powerful support up to 170 max rpm in the two upper support modes (Sport and Power). The rider experiences no power loss while reaching higher levels of cadence, which makes steep climbs more accessible and comfortable.

Smart Assist:

Based on automatic calculations, the 6-sensor Smart Assist technology determines the amount of power a cyclist needs. This results in an extremely smooth and natural riding experience.

Instant Response:

Motor engages instantly when power is applied to the pedals. This helps the rider control the bike when accelerating and offers reliable performance on steep climbs and low speeds.

Tunable Performance:

The rider can tune the support ratios for a more dynamic ride experience that matches every rider’s individual needs. This is our most powerful motor technology with a massive 80Nm of torque and a 360 percent support ratio.


EnergyPak Smart

EnergyPak Smart is Giant’s most premium battery technology and is cleanly integrated into the frame. It has their Battery Management System for continuous communication between the battery and charger for optimized charging performance. EnergyPak Smart batteries can charge your battery up to 80 percent in 1.45 hours for the EnergyPak Smart 500. The EnergyPak Smart is compatible with EnergyPak Plus.


Smart Assist

6-sensor Smart Assist technology offers the best possible riding experience. It’s used in Giant’s SyncDrive Life, SyncDrive Sport and SyncDrive Pro motors. Based on automatic calculations, the sensors determine the amount of power a cyclist needs. This results in an extremely smooth and natural riding experience.


RideControl ONE

RideControl ONE takes your E-bike riding experience to new levels with integrated button controls and a clean handlebar layout. The robust buttons are designed to use in all conditions with a comfortable feel and grip. The controls are thoughtfully designed with new LED lighting that shows your battery level and support.

E-bikes equipped with RideControl One can be connected with the Giant E-bike App so your smart phone can function as your E-bike display. The Ride Control ONE is compatible to ANT+ and Bluetooth signals, which means that is wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth or ANT+ cycling computers.

Smart Integration:

Smart, minimalist technology and design featuring integrated control buttons that are compatible with the Giant E-bike App.

Easy to use:

With only a few button controls and indicators, it offers simple control of your E-bike.


Connected with the Giant E-bike app, the RideControl ONE features a variety of functions such as motor tuning, fitness data and navigation.


Maestro Suspension Technology

No matter your choice of trail, Giant’s Maestro Suspension helps you make the most of your efforts. Control, traction, comfort, speed — Maestro offers all levels of riders the benefits of pure suspension performance. From fast and efficient XC bikes to long-travel downhill machines, Maestro is an adaptable full-suspension platform that offers smooth, active rear suspension for any type of trail and all kinds of terrain.

Pedaling Efficiency

Whether you’re sprinting up a climb or hammering through a rock garden, Maestro Suspension performs consistently under pedaling power and doesn’t compromise efficiency.

Complete Suspension Activity

From high-frequency trail vibrations to big-hit compressions, Maestro Suspension soaks up the full spectrum of trail impacts.

Total Brake Independence

Even under full-braking force, Maestro Suspension stays active and gives you better control.

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