JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191732396063

September 7, 2021
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Xiang shuai heavy motorcycle is the sub-brand of JIANSHE. As one of the earliest motorcycle manufacturing enterprises, JIANSHE names its heavy cruiser series Xiang Shuai Heavy Motorcycle, in order to suit the market changing and the real requests of customers, to memorize the 130th anniversaries establishment of the Jianshe Group and to memorize the huge contribution of its founder Zhang Zhidong to the Chinese modern and contemporary military industry. Let’s talk about the JSX500i.

JSX500i is a medium heavy modern retro street bike. Unlike other American style cruiser of Xiangshuai, JSX500i’s target group are urban young people. It retains the basic retro style while develops its fashionable sport traits.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191715275074


The dimensions of the bike are 2,150mm(length)*890mm(width)*1,180mm(height), the curb weight is 196kg. As a vintage bike, the most important thing is its style. JSX500i inherited excellent paint work that Xiangshuai has always been. The brown cushion with dark green lacquer surface, the whole bike has an advanced texture.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191720189924

The front face of JSX500i adopts original design.Different from the traditional retro and round headlights,lit overall outline is diamond,which owns a sense of line.The headlamp adopts LED light,which is composed of the upper always-on light,the outer LED low beam and the hierarchical high beam.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191718022787

It does not use the mainstream LCD TFT meter, and the old digital meter is still adopted.

The wheels are 17-inch Timsun high-grip tires. The hubs are made of aluminum, which are more like spoked wheels than the wheels of ordinary street bike. Such an aluminum wheel design can not only reflect the tonality of retro bikes, but also greatly slow down the damage of the impact to the hub when the road is potholed in the actual riding.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191718436467

Front double disc brakes adopt the imported disc and rear single disc brake matched with dual channel ABS system can improve the safety performance of the bike.

The robust Yu’an adjustable inverted front shock absorber is comfortable. It has good performance in filtering the shock, and the support is also enough while riding in the bend. The adjustable seven-segment shock absorption can easily cope with various road conditions and ensure a comfortable riding.

With a non-centrosymmetry oil cap design, you can unlock it without key. You can open it when the bike is activated for sure. That’s the merger of practicability and retro sense.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191718175681

The first-class quality of domestic paint and the LOGO in the subtle place can both reflect the intention of designer and their confidence to the brand.

The handlebar adopts the most popular strap design to guide rider’s sight during the night. The visual effects are good, too.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191721290251

It’s comfortable to tread on the wide and skid-proof pedal. At the same time, the pedal is foldable, which can avoid damage that caused by reversing.

The shield of engine that is common in hard ADV is a considerate design for riders. It can also prevent the engine from the flying stones during long-distance riding.

Anti-hot plate is installed at the bottom of the exhaust pipe, which can prevent scald from hyperthermal exhausting.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191725077586

Aluminum alloy rear fork brings a higher strength. Its density is only 40% of steel, which can effectively reduce the mass and improve the controllability of the bike.

The sitting posture of JSX500i is comfortable. Its height is very friendly to general riders. A 760mm-height seat combines with the front width of the seat narrowed moderately, which greatly improves the grip of the feet. Wide and thick leather braided cushion is more comfortable than many models on the market.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191726433778

Dynamic composition

JSX500i is equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled engine with a 471cc actual displacement, and is equipped with Delphi electronic fuel injection system. It provides power output while ensures the economy. This engine has a maximum power of 33kW /8,500rpm, a maximum torque of 41N·m /6,500rpm and a maximum speed of 150km/h. You can not only enjoy slow retro time, but can also feel the speed and passion. It has a relatively low torque setting and can reach the maximum torque at 6500rpm. Fuel tank capacity is 16L. The reliable cruising range can supports you to travel freely.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191728046944

Riding feeling

JSX500i adopts the patented flexible connection design of single ridge fork pipe with cradle frame structure. The vibration of the 500cc engine is relatively strong, which will affect the durability of the overall frame structure and the riding experience. So the designer uses flexible connection to devise JSX500i for the first time. After the experimental analysis of the frame in the later period, the results show that the patented flexible connection design can maintain the stability of the bike and weaken the vibration when the speed reaches the maximum.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191720442898

For a motorcycle, the importance of the frame structure design rank only second to the engine. because it relates to the controllability and the riding experiences (especially riding at high speed and its bending performance). With the rigid stability of the frame and the support of shock absorption, JSX500i’s actual performance during the bend is really good. The intuitive feeling when riding in the bend is the integral drive without loose feeling.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191729378448

Driving in the city, the power of the 500cc platform can overtake others if you refuel it. The sound of JSX500i is bonus, and the powerful engine will roar constantly with the turning of the accelerator in an arrogant way.

JSX500i - The New Choice Of Modern Retro 202106191715579143


Although Xiangshuai Heavy Motorcycle is a new brand that just come out, but its provenance is the well-known military enterprise - JIANSHE. So you do not need to worry about its provenance.

Super high cost performance, black technology of keyless start, original retro appearance design, abundant power feeling, texture of the work…those traits can gratify your various needs.

JSX500i is independently researched and developed by Xiangshuai from the appearance to the whole bike design. In the current blundering industry, such a commendable attitude is worthy of affirmation. As for the market effect, time will respond the efforts that Xiangshuai Heavy Motorcycle did.

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