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CHINAMOTOR, Michael Blast
October 24, 2022
Posted by: chinamotor

The brand Michael Blast was born in 2016.

This is the result of long-term discussions with our partners in Australia, Hungary, Canada, and even more…

I am French, I have been living in China for almost 20 years, I have been always working in the vehicle in-dustry (motorcycles, scooters, atvs), I traveled a lot for the needs of the projects I was working on, therefore, I am very fortunate to have partners on four conti-nents all over the world.

Michael Blast is a project that really fascinated us, we came up with a design idea for an e-bike that looks like an old motorcycle because we love retro designs.

We wanted to combine the modernity of an electric bike without distorting the retro, old side of the de-sign. We started by choosing the name of the brand, we needed to validate this point before even starting the first drawings…

The challenge was to find a brand name related to the name of a real person, whether it exists or not. Besides, one day i hope to be able to tell you who is really hiding behind this name Michael Blast.

It took us 1 year to finalize the first bike, the Greaser. Every part of the bike was carefully thought out be-fore being validated, including the name of the bike itself and the logo design.

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CHINAMOTOR, Michael Blast

When I work on a project with my team I can spend hours, days, weeks on a detail, For me, the notion of details makes all the difference!

This sense of detail appeared to me from a very young age, I have always been able to identify very quickly at a glance the slightest defects, even the slightest shades of colors…

In short, I believe that if I had not worked in this in-dustry which fascinates me I would certainly have been recruited by the secret services … ha ha ha As soon as the first series of Greaser came out, we immediatly felt that something was happening, As soon as we were riding out with the bikes every-one turned around, everyone seemed surprised, seduced…

As much to tell you that you better be sociable if you decide to ride a Greaser because many people will challenge you and ask you a lot of questions about this bike …

Our vision turned out to be tangible as we received the Design Award Winner in 2019 in Australia.

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CHINAMOTOR, Michael Blast

We quickly realized that women, teenagers, the youngest, the oldest, a large number of different people were all sensitive to the retro design, to the spirit of our brand. So we all decided to go further and built a complete range so that as many people as possible could chose a bike fitting their personality…

In Australia, ‘beach culture’ is a part of the lifestyle, so it was inevitable to work on an ebike with a beach cruiser spirit, and then the ideas did not stop blooming. We wanted an ebike that looked like a Café Racer, another that looks like an old type BMX.

The Outsider model has also been awarded in Australia. We have tons of ideas in our team, that’s what makes our strength!

The mix of cultures, the mix of skills, and this common pas-sion: “Vintage”

I believe that without being fully passionated it is difficult to succeed…

I often see projects in China that flourish and die in a few months because the entrepreneurs behind these projects do not necessarily have the same motivations.

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CHINAMOTOR, Michael Blast

Michael Blast Globally

Today we are going further in our approach because we offer a range of accessories that blends perfectly with the spirit of the brand…

We carefully select each accessory to continue to de-velop this “lifestyle” dimension.

We love the idea of being able to create a community that shares the same values, the same tastes… Whether in Japan or Spain, Our customers post their own photos they take on our bikes, We are so proud and appreciate this welcome all over the world…

Michael Blast China

We market the ebikes in more than 30 countries already and it is China’s turn.

For me it is a great pleasure to launch the distributions in China, Because I have a lot of affection for this country, in 20 years I have learned a lot of the codes of Chinese culture which I feel fascinating…

I can’t wait to see our e-bikes on the streets of Shanghai, Chengdu and so many others…

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CHINAMOTOR, Michael Blast

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