The Sixth Conference of the CCCM

The Sixth Conference of the CCCM The Sixth Conference of the CCCM motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR
December 30, 2022
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On December 28, the sixth conference of China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce(the CCCM for short) was successfully held online. 130 representatives from different enterprises attended this conference. Participants reviewed and appraised 2022 work report, 2022 financial report, 2022 supervisory report and other reports. In addition, the current situation and problems about the motorcycle industry has been put forward, laying a foundation for the future plan of the CCCM.

The Sixth Conference of the CCCM The Sixth Conference of the CCCM motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 2

Zhang Hongbo, the secretary-general of the CCCM, stated 2022 work report and the development of the motorcycle industry. Zhang Hongbo: 2022 is an extremely important year for CPC and China. As for China’s motorcycle industry, it has been affected by many factors such as foreign political and economic turmoil, frequent domestic epidemics, and continuous decreasing domestic and foreign demand and changeable exchange rate,etc. Under such circumstances, the motorcycle industry has achieved hard-won achievements, including the optimized product structure, the development of large-displacement recreational motorcycles and good foreign trade exports. In addition, with the complex international environment, slow recovery of the world economy and the obvious inflationary pressures, there are many unsteady factors such as raw materials, freight, and RMB exchange rates. Furthermore, the domestic epidemic is spreading in many places, and consumers’ demand has declined, as a result, China’s motorcycle industry has been severely impacted.Chinese motorcycle industry develops freely with the market without the targeted policy support, although the economic operation has gradually stabilized with the support of national bailout policies for enterprises.However, with the joint efforts, it is estimated that the total production and sales of motorcycles this year is expected to exceed 21 million, which is still at a normal level, although it is down from the same period last year.

2022 work report, 2022 financial report, 2022 supervisory report unanimously have been passed in the form of the online voting.

Zuo Zongshen, President of the CCCM, concludes: due to the impact of the epidemic this year, there a great impact on motorcycle enterprises, motorcycle industry’s economic operation, the daily work of the CCCM. However, the relative work plans and work objectives have been basically completed and well recognized. In addition, some suggestions for the CCCM are as follows. First, the CCCM will further adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the leadership of CPC, and strengthen the sense of political responsibility and mission. Second, problems should be resolved to develop motorcycle industry in 2023 such as city bans and restrictions on motorcycles and consumption tax. Third, attention should be paid to the transformation, upgrading and green development of motorcycle industry. Fourth, importance should be caught on the construction of branches to expand the service and influence of the CCCM. Give full play to the CCCM, promoting the motorcycle industry exchanges by virtue of the related activities. And, it’s important to strengthen the self-construction the chamber, and strengthen service awareness, and improve business quality.

Zuo Zongshen: with the promulgation of ten new regulations of the national epidemic prevention and the optimization of the measures in various places, it is believed that the normal social and economic activities will be resumed after 2023 Spring Festival, and the motorcycle market will have a bright look. 2023, a promising year.

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