WULING Enters The Motorcycle Industry

WULING Enters The Motorcycle Industry WULING Enters The Motorcycle Industrymotorcycle and electric bike news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

July 29, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – Not long ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology disclosed in the routine announcement that WULING obtained motorcycle production qualification. It has soon produced public opinions.

External capital targeting the motorcycle industry

These motorcycle production groups with automobile background have far greater capital than the merely motorcycle enterprises, and they are used to and good at capital operation, which will bring unpredictable impacts and changes to the motorcycle industry.

New development in domestic motorcycle technology

Currently, the top talent are almost all in the automobile industry and the engineering equipment industry, while the motorcycle industry as a whole lacks excellent designers and engineers. There are few enterprises that can form a professional team. The automobile enterprises entering the motorcycle industry will produce magnet effect and jarring effect, and will promote the reintegration of market elements and re-allocation of talent.

Impact on the traditional motorcycle enterprises

Automobile enterprises engaging in the motorcycle field will certainly impact the traditional motorcycle giants. How do these enterprises cope with stress? How does it change the motorcycle industry situation? We have no way to learn it. However, pressure is motivation. Looking forward to the motorcycle enterprises promoting the industry to a higher level.

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