Yadea Obtained the Industry’s First “Carbon Footprint” Certificate

Yadea Obtained the Industry's First "Carbon Footprint" Certificate Yadea Obtained the Industrys First Carbon Footprint Certificate Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 08
June 15, 2022
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Recently, Yadea opened a new chapter in the industry: following the 2021 annual revenue of 26.968 billion yuan, Yadea Guanneng G2.0 E8 won the industry’s first “carbon footprint” certificate, which indicates that the national electric two-wheeler industry formally entered the era of sustainable development. It is an epochal significance feat.

“Carbon footprint” refers to the carbon emissions produced by a product or service throughout its life cycle. As the most intuitive new indicator of environmental protection, “carbon footprint” is a high practical standard for enterprises to understand and implement circular economy, and the low-carbon economy, as we know it, is the concrete implementation of this indicator.

As one of the few global giants in the national transportation industry, Yadea is always at the forefront of exploring high-quality and sustainable development of the industry. At the critical juncture of industrial transformation and upgrading, Yadea received the industry’s first “carbon footprint” certificate, which not only symbolizes that Yadea has stepped into a higher development era, but will also generate a demonstration effect on the entire industry, further leading the industry to practice social responsibility and realize true high-quality development.

Yadea Obtained the Industry's First "Carbon Footprint" Certificate Yadea Obtained the Industrys First Carbon Footprint Certificate Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 09

Actively respond to the national call for green development

Low-carbon and energy conservation is not only a global trend, but also regarded as the core of future competition of countries. How to practice environmental protection is undoubtedly an important proposition for China to practice the responsibility and strength of as a big country. The Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan proposed green development, industrial layout optimization and structural adjustment in building modern infrastructure and further implementing the strategy of becoming a manufacturing power, so as to achieve the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

In this context, all industries set off a transformation craze around the goal of “carbon neutrality”. As the electric two-wheeler industry leader, Yadea’s “carbon footprint” certificate is a good proof of its active responses to the nation call, which will also influence and lead all industries low-carbon progress.


From Yadea’s own perspective, this undoubtedly demonstrates a strong sense of social responsibility and its determination to take the lead in participating in the green energy transition and help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. Yadea, will further deepen its green transformation, and strive to step into the sustainable development stage at an earlier time.

From the point of view of industrial development, Yadea undoubtedly set an example for the entire electric two-wheeler industry. Through its leading role, Yadea will also drive the whole industry and the upstream and downstream industry chains towards green development, effectively advancing the progress of industrial emission reduction and promoting high-quality development of the industry.

From the perspective of product cognition, Yadea’s “carbon footprint” certificate will further consolidate the low-carbon mobility label of electric two-wheelers, and call on more people to join low-carbon mobility with the influence of a top brand. This is another big initiative of Yadea to fulfill the mission of “providing users with products and services of happiness” and to advocate the new lifestyle of green technology.

Finally, from the perspective of national intelligent manufacturing, Yadea will further enlarge its leading advantages and influence by constantly exploring on the road of sustainable development, and set up another flag of “Chinese solutions” in the global low-carbon era.

Yadea Obtained the Industry's First "Carbon Footprint" Certificate Yadea Obtained the Industrys First Carbon Footprint Certificate Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 07

Take the lead to formulate a sustainable development strategy

Dong Jinggui, chairman of Yadea Technology Group, has said many times that electric two-wheeler industry is a great industry.

In fact, the “greatness” of the electric two-wheeler industry lies not only in the fact that it has solved the travel problem of nearly 400 million people in the country and supported millions of industry workers, but also the fact that it is one of the few industries with natural low-carbon attributes.

As is known to all, the exhaust emission of fuel motor vehicles is one of the most important pollution sources. Comparatively, electric vehicles with more low-carbon properties can not only improve users’ commuting efficiency, but also make a great contribution to carbon neutrality.

Data show that Yadea sold more than 60 million electric vehicles globally, and accumulated a riding mileage of more than 243.5 billion kilometers, which is equivalent to reducing 42.2 billion kilograms of carbon emissions and planting 2.1 billion environmental protection trees. In the global low-carbon era, the environmental protection advantages and social values of electric vehicles are fully reflected.

With great power comes great responsibility. As an industry leader, Yadea continues to promote low-carbon mobility in a variety of ways. Industry-leading technical strength is the core pillar of Yadea’s No.1 in sales for five consecutive year. Through core technological innovation, Yadea is also driving the progress of the entire industry. For example, Yadea took the lead in constructing battery swapping platforms; it developed the TTFAR graphene battery and the internationally recognized TTFAR motor. All those are significant achievements underpinned by Yadea’s strong technological innovation ability.

The “717 Riding Festival” is a featured activity of Yadea that contains many low-carbon elements, such as providing 100 million yuan of low-carbon subsidies during the first 717 festival, establishing the “Recycling pool” alliance to recycle and dispose of waste lead-acid batteries, and working with the government departments and well-known actors to launch riding activities. The “717 Riding Festival” activities reflected Yadea’s performance of responsibility for low-carbon and environmental protection.

In 2022, Yadea looked to further optimize user experience and launched the Double Guarantee models, which attracted many users to replace their old electric scooters.

In addition, Yadea is also exploring energy conservation and emission reduction during the raw material and product manufacturing process through continuous layout of high-end intelligent manufacturing bases and automated production.

Yadea has taken the lead in exploring a sustainable development path. This “carbon footprint” certificate is undoubtedly a milestone of Yadea in the exploration process. In the future, Yadea will continue to adhere to the green development concept and the social responsibility mission of energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the carbon label certification of more models.

History has taught us time and again that countries and enterprises should not only focus on immediate interests, but also value sustainable development. At the key point of industrial transformation and upgrading, Yadea once again became a pacemaker in industry development.

Yadea Obtained the Industry's First "Carbon Footprint" Certificate Yadea Obtained the Industrys First Carbon Footprint Certificate Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 11 compressed

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