14th CIMAMotor Ended

14th CIMAMotor Ended

October 8, 2019
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On October 23, the four-day China International Motorcycle Exposition (hereinafter referred to as CIMAMotor) was successfully concluded in Chongqing International Expo Center. As the largest motorcycle fair in Asia, the 14th CIMAMotor gathered more than 400 enterprises from over ten countries and regions, including America, Germany, Japan, Spain and Italy. Among these enterprises, there were nearly 40 complete motorcycle brands and over 300 parts, clothing and kit manufacturers. The exhibitors represented 80% manufacturing capability of Chinese motorcycle industry.

According to statistics, there were totally 140,000 visitors coming to the show during the 4 days. With the rapid development of Chinese leisure and entertainment market, the number of young consumers is increasing. In 14th CIMAMotor, large-displacement and personalized motorcycles, clothing and kits were hot and the sales volume of these related products kept soaring.

Personalization & Entertainment Trend Stands Out Over 50 New Bikes Debuted

As a great event of motorcycle industry, there were over 50 new models unveiled by the brands in 14th CIMAMotor. The tendency of personalization and entertainment of these new bikes was more and more obvious. Street bikes, touring bikes, rally bikes, cruisers and other categories were flourished in this CIMAMotor.

In this CIMAMotor, Dachangjiang Group launched 9 new models without a break, including entry-level race bike Suzuki 250cc Twin Stars and concept rally bike DL250. Wuyang-Honda released scooter Fast Shark 125, standard bike Fierce Shadow 150 EFI and pure electric bike Jingyuan Q2. Xindazhou-Honda brought sport bike CB125S, Scooter RX125 and pure electric model Mono.

Among the personalized new bikes, KTM launched the first sport touring bike KTM 1290 Super Duke GT. CFMOTO unveiled its first rally bike 650MT. SWM released new classical street bike Milan 440. Wonjan 150cc retro bike debuted. Yingang brought its vintage standard bike and brand new touring bike. Motrac took its 500 street bike and 800 v-twin cruiser in the show. Benda launched BOX300 v-twin sport cruiser.

What’s more, the Xciting 400 launched by Kymco has filled the market vacancy of domestic large-displacement scooter. 400cc displacement refreshes the record of domestic large-displacement scooter.

In regard to these personalized new bike, some stakeholders said the structure of Chinese motorcycle industry will change in the future. The dominant function of motorcycle as transportation tool will be weakened further but the personalized and entertaining motorcycles will get more attention.

14th CIMAMotor EndedLarge-displacement Motorcycles Become Hot
Motorcycle Clothing and Outfits Sold Out

“During the 4 days short exhibition, 8 Harley-Davidson bikes were sold.”The Flhtcu Ultra Classic Electra Glide with a starting price of 688,000 Yuan received great interest from the motorcycle enthusiasts. On the first day of the exhibition, the Street Fighter with price of over 200,000 Yuan, Softail Deluxe with price of over 300,000 Yuan and nimble Street 750 all found their buyers.

The brands selling large-displacement motorcycles included BMW. Its rally bike R1200 GS AD, retro touring bike Rninet and city sport bike C650GT were all sold well and there were more than 10 intention orders.

Besides, it was the first time for Indian to debut in CIMAMotor. Its cruiser Scout got its buyer on the first day of the exhibition with a starting price of 169,900 Yuan. The American-style heavy motorcycle Victory Hammer 8 Ball with a starting price of 195,800 Yuan and Hammer 10 were both ordered at the exhibition stand.

Other hot personalized models in this CIMAMotor included KTM street bike Duke200, CFMOTO street bike 650NK and rally and touring bike. What is worth noticing is that Zhejiang Jiajue sold over 200 motorcycles, among which street bike, race bike and cruiser were particularly hot.

Not only the large-displacement motorcycles were hot in this CIMAMotor, the clothing and outfit brands also got many orders.

“The sales volume in the 4 days was equivalent to the sales of 20 regular days.”The salesperson of Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmet Co., Ltd. introduced, during the 4 days they received a large number of orders from motorcycle clubs and dealers from Hebei, Jiangsu, Shandong, Tibet and so on. “Over 2,000 motorcycle clothing and nearly 3,000 helmets were sold.”

Komine received intention orders of clothing and helmets from over 50 clubs and dealers. Shanghai Hehui Safety Products Company also received a large number of intention orders of helmet and other products.

Why were the large-displacement motorcycles and clothing and outfits so hot in the 14th CIMAMotor? The reason is that the 80s and 90s generation has become the main groups of consumption market. They want more entertaining and personalized lifestyle. The ratio of sport and culture consumption has become much larger. Motorcycle is not just a transportation tool to them, but a life style.

14th CIMAMotor EndedOver 30 Activities Carried Out

This CIMAMotor organized over 30 activities to bring a carnival to motorcycle enthusiasts with high interactivity and participation. The colorful activities attracted large number of motorcycle enthusiasts to positively participating in. According to statistics, during the 4 days, hundreds of clubs and many thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from nearly 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions were attracted to this fair.

In the “Motorcycle Enthusiasts Carnival” set up by CIMAMotor, nearly 500 motorcycles from 30 clubs participated in the largest heavy motorcycle cruising in Western Region. The passionate rock music night gathered over 3,000 motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country. In the party of rock, electronic music, hot dances and beers, they experienced free, colorful and powerful in the motorcycle city.

Nearly 100 skilled outstanding people performed thrilled motorcycle stunts like flying bike, burnout, drifting in the sky. This brought strong visual impact to motorcycle enthusiasts.

In the 30,000 m2 interactive experience zone in theoutdoor North Square, there were many various theme activities. Honda, Haojue, Yingang and other brands set up the ring and provided test riding chances to all the visitors and at the same time various spectator stunts performances were carried out.

Besides the activities organized by the committee and enterprises, the industrial media also conducted safe riding skills show, test riding party, model year selection and other activities.

What’s more, the 2th China International Motorcycle Technology Forum, which is aimed at discussing where Chinese motorcycle technology should go, was also successfully concluded. This forum has important guiding significance to the development direction of new technologies and new products for Chinese motorcycle in the future.

It is said that the 2017 CIMAMotor will also be held in the motorcycle city, Chongqing. At that time, this exhibition will gather more international motorcycle brands, more domestic motorcycle manufacturers, more international famous bodywork brands and more clothing and outfits enterprises. Meanwhile, more motorcycle clubs and international riding service providers will be invited in this exhibition. Especially, an electric motorcycle area will be set in 2017 CIMAMotor and it will be the first time to set a second-hand motorcycle sales and communicating area.

14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended14th CIMAMotor Ended

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