Advantages Of Tailg “Yoyue” Electric Motorcycle

Advantages Of Tailg “Yoyue” Electric Motorcycle Advantages Of Tailg Yoyue Chinese motorcycle and electric motorcycle news

September 18, 2020
Posted by: chinamotor

China – 150km cruising range: it is equipped with the power-saving electric control system independently developed by TAILG to achieve a longer distance.

N1-800w power motor: the N1 powerful motor provides a better riding experience.

Sufficient power reserve, longer cruising distance: TAILG’s 72V20AH high-density capacity-increase battery reserves abundant energy to ensure longer battery life.

Good-looking appearance: the square face fits the simple body design to be more stylish.

Stylish large instrument panel: it has a 7-inch digital color screen instrument, with full screen design, to present a more trendy appearance.

Lasting exterior paint and craft: the high-quality paint goes through 3 times of spray and 5 times of baking process to create a beautiful, corrosion and oxidation-resistant paint film, as well as 800H oxidation resistance test to look brighter.

Three-eye lens headlamp, safer riding: the lens headlamp with three LED beads increases the illumination range and angle; the lens feature stronger light centralization to ensure safer riding at night.

Double caliper silent braking system, sensitive braking: disc brake responses fast; double-caliper silent braking system makes riding more enjoyable.

Nine-year serviceable frame: the frame adopts intelligent manipulator welding to be more solid, and it also goes through 1 million times of high load vibration experiment, achieving a service life of nine years.

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