AIMA F692 RELEASED AIMA F692 RELEASED Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR03

April 24, 2022
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China – On March 17, Aima held a new release conference to launch the Jin Ba F692. This indicates that Aima has made a new breakthrough in technology of big power products, and that Aima will make a comprehensive layout to win the great southwest market in China.

Aima investigated deeply into the southwest market, users and application scenarios, and organized an expert team to visit Guiyang, Bijie, Zhaotong, and other mountainous areas, to understand the market demand and solve the corresponding technical problems. Tailored for the southwest market, F692 is called the “Southwest King” and highlights domineering appearance and performance, making it a performance flagship model in the mountainous areas.

Equipped with Jin Ba high-power motor, it can easily climb slops and safely runs downhills. The 32L under-seat space can hold 3 helmets. The 420mm pedal provide enough space for the leg and large items. The 790mm saddle is comfortably cushioned. A 9.5-inch HD meter provides clear vehicle information.

Aima F692, being user-oriented, combines technological innovation and upgraded functions. It features a cool, harder-edged look, strong power, adequate space, thickened chassis, and big bold rack, all making it suitable for the southwest market where users often encounter complex road conditions, slopes and longer-distance riding needs.

AIMA F692 RELEASED AIMA F692 RELEASED Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 02

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