Aima Opens A New Era of Smart Mobility

Aima Opens A New Era of Smart Mobility

October 12, 2019
Posted by: chinamotor

Nowadays, intelligent technology has been the main trend of social development, and our life is becoming more and more intelligent and convenient, especially the way of mobility. As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, Aima has created a variety of high technologies through constant innovation over the years to open the era of smart mobility.

Automatic stop-start system making the travel smarter and safer

Aima Opens A New Era of Smart MobilityWhen people ride an electric scooter out, unexpected things always happen, for example slipping dangers. To solve this problem, Aima adopts the STT automatic stop-start system. When the scooter stops for more than 3 seconds, it will be automatically locked. If the rider wants to start the scooter again, all he needs to do is to gently pinch the brake handle and then turn the handlebar to resume starting. With this technology, the user can have a safer riding experience.

Aima Opens A New Era of Smart MobilityAima Opens A New Era of Smart MobilityCES electrically controlled stop system easing emergencies

Aima Opens A New Era of Smart MobilityWhen there is an emergency, people will subconsciously apply emergency brake. However emergency brake is not safe, and it always causes injury due to inertia. Based on the electromagnetic principle, Aima’s CES all-electric control stop system exerts a counter-acting force on the motor to allow sufficient transition time for the brake, so as to achieve gentle braking and avoid injury.

Aima Opens A New Era of Smart MobilityAI fingerprint identification replacing the key

In the intelligent age, unlocking by fingerprint seems to have become one of the important criteria to judge whether it is a smart product. Aima created AI fingerprint recognition technology. When the rider needs to start the scooter, he can unlock and start it with his fingerprint without worrying about finding the key or the keyhole in the night, greatly improves the user’s intelligent experience.

Aima Opens A New Era of Smart Mobility

As a powerful brand in the electric industry, Aima has always been in the forefront of technological innovation. Aima has also established a strategic cooperation with the international giant Bosch to jointly create the true intelligence of electric vehicles. In addition, Aima holds hundreds of state authorized patents. In short, all Aima’s efforts are aimed at enabling users to truly enjoy smart mobility. In the future, Aima will always adhere to technological innovation to make travel even better. (Source: WeChat:

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