AIMA Q312 Test Ride Review

AIMA Q312 Test Ride Review 1

August 12, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

From a poor means of transportation to delicate and intelligent technological products, electric two-wheelers are playing an increasingly important role in people’s life.


Advances in technology have given electric two-wheelers greater performance and a more elaborate appearance. Q312, newly launched by AIMA, has reached a perfect state in terms of appearance and body durability. In a sense, it is more like an artistic embodiment of a production process in modern times.

Q312’s innovative shield arc design makes it more personalized. At the same time, PU800 baking paint process not only brings more advanced visual impression, but also improves scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, as well as rain and moisture resistance.

It also features an integrated unsupported dash. The LED HD meter with anti-glare function has clearer information display. In addition, it is given a more durable, brighter lens headlight, with high beam covering a distance up to 170m and a brightness of 25194CD.

The rear fork adopts a thicker material, but with lightweight and greater toughness.

As a fashionable transportation means in the new era, Q312 has unique insights in the use of space. It lowers the air switch, and increases the space of the seat bucket to 27L with two helmet hanging posts. Moreover, the hidden hook, open front storage box and USB charging port reflect highly-humanized details.


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Technological strength delivering cruising ability

If Q312 is a refined pragmatist in appearance, its power and functionality make it more of a technologically advanced pursuit.

It is equipped with AIMA’s latest 500W Max motor, which provides more immense power. Inside the motor, multi-wire winding is optimized to be single wire and the silicon steel sheet is optimized to be 250W/KG. In actual use, it can be faster and more power-saving.

Q312 is equipped with a 60V20Ah anti-aging graphene battery, which improves the energy density by 20% compared with ordinary batteries, and supports quick charging. It is practically more durable, reliable, worry-free and safer.

In addition to the advantageous motor and battery, more intelligent and advanced energy-saving technology allows the Q312 to outmatch its peers. The new SDS patented intelligent power system can identify road condition and slopes to actively transmit power needed, realizing much stabler and easier slope climbing and more energy-saving riding.

With the use of advanced technology and LED lights, the brightness is improved by 30% while reducing energy loss by 50%. Moreover, it adopts the hydrodynamic resistance reduction design, which minimizes the wind resistance during the high-speed riding, and enhances riding stability and energy saving efficiency.

The Q312’s low roll resistance tires effectively reduces the roll resistance by more than 40%, greatly reducing the loss. Q312 is also equipped with a CES patented braking energy recovery system, which converts braking kinetic energy into electrical energy, increasing energy utilization efficiency by 10%.


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Riding experience: comfortable and safe

The powertrain and technical skills make the riding experience more relaxed and enjoyable, but the Q312 pursues more than that.

It adopts the stability design of a golden triangle. The low center of gravity keeps the weight ratio of front and rear tires at 1:1, which greatly improves riding stability. The cushion thickness is made to 75mm to be more comfortable.

Q312 has hydraulic shock absorbers, and the bottom of the shock absorber spring tube has been extended by 15mm, making it more effectively absorb road bumps.

It is worth noting that the chassis adopts a fully-wrapped design to better protect the electrical components, cables and plugs, especially in rainy days. (Source: WeChat: evdays-huiz)


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