AIMA Super Scooter Q387 Debut

AIMA Super Scooter Q387 Debut 16267436151

August 4, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – AIMA launched a new super scooter – Q387. It is equipped with a 500W motor, 600mm soft saddle, LED lens headlights and front and rear hydraulic shock absorption systems.

Q387 provides large capacity batteries of different specifications, such as 60V32AH, to meet different users’ mileage requirements. LED lens headlights can light up the dark street. The spotlight-type taillight and turn light make riding much safer at night. High-definition LCD instrument with visualized driving data bring you an easy riding without panic.

Front disc and rear drum brakes make the braking efficient and sensitive. It can be parked stably with high safety. The front and rear high rebound hydraulic shock absorbers is outstanding. A comfortable riding can also exist on the bumpy road. 500W high energy efficiency motor provides a smooth and soft start.  Higher energy conversion efficiency brings more strength to climbing.

600mm super long saddle is soft and comfortable. You will never feel tired after long time sitting. 320mm large pedal adopts anti-skid design; feet and objects are hard to slip. Equipped with directional keyhole, you can immediately start after a gently press. New combination switch is easy to be operated, the response is timely and the riding control is great.


AIMA Super Scooter Q387 Debut 16267436361

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