Analysis On BENDA Cruiser BOX400

Analysis On BENDA Cruiser BOX400 Analysis On BENDA Cruiser BOX400  Chinese motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 05

August 17, 2021
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BENDA Motorcycle successfully won astonishment from peers far and near in domestic markets. It is not only because of its fast-developing techniques, but also for its better cost performance than that of the other models with the same levels. As a new brand of domestic motorcycle, recently various types of its motorcycles performed well, having large sales volume as well as the word of praise. Especially in the area of cruisers, BENDA has unique ideas and its many models have the potential trend to exceed other mainstream cruisers in duration and quality.

BENDA BOX400 possesses a strong punk style and mechanical beauty. Above all, configuration of BENDA BOX400 is so excellent, such as LED lighting sets and a large-sized LCD dashboard, which is definitely a leader of the new age.

From outside, accessories on BOX400 are connected tightly, sporty and aggressive. The round headlight owns a good light-condensing power and lighting performance. Two aggressive rear-view mirrors are more impressive.

BENDA BOX400’s length, width and height are respectively 2,160*810*1,160mm. Wheelbase is 1,460mm. Minimum ground clearance is 160mm with a good trafficability characteristic. Seat height reaches 690mm, which is comfortable for riders.

BOX400 is equipped with a large-sized LCD dashboard, tightly following fashionable style. The capacity of the large fuel tank is up to 19L, which can meet the daily needs. It also adopts new high-quality vacuum tires with better road holding, more wear-resisting, antiskid.

Front brake adopts opposite double-disc four piston calipers, matched with dual-channel ABS, while rear brake adopts single two piston calipers with ABS, much safer. For strengthening the body stability, it adopts front inverted hydraulic fork with adjustable damp. And its rear suspension is equipped with double-spring shock absorbers.

BENDA BOX400 is equipped with an in-line double-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 389cc. Its maximum horsepower reaches 36.7HP and maximum torque is 28N·m. According to the official data, its maximum speed is more than 150km/h and fuel consumption is about 3.4L/km. Maybe there is some deviation in the actual riding, but it is possible for the cruising range of 500km.

On the whole, BENDA BOX400 performs well and there are some room for improving the details. However, its progress of quality and technology impress the public, from which we can see that BENDA is a hardworking domestic motorcycle enterprise. (Source:

Analysis On BENDA Cruiser BOX400 Analysis On BENDA Cruiser BOX400  Chinese motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 03

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