BENELLI Tornado252 To Be Released

BENELLI Tornado252 To Be Released BENELLI Tornado252 To Be Released Chinese motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

September 13, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – In recent years, all kinds of models are wonderful, occupying the hot search of media platforms in major industries. Rally, retro models are popular out of control. With the change of users demand for the younger generation, Imitation race models are becoming more popular.

It is recently reported that BENELLI is about to release a two-cylinder 250cc sports motorcycle, Tornado252. From the picture, the body uses many lines outline modeling aid, the dynamic and sharp shape design looks very aggressive. The aluminum alloy pedal and back fork are especially eye-catching and the lightweight design is adopted. In addition, Tornado252 shows its strong racing gene thanks to its split handlebars, inverted front fork and other configurations.

The small displacement imitation race bike has been very popular at home. the two-cylinder 250 imitation race bike launched by BENELLI does very well in the vehicle background, displacement level and the timing, and should be the best-selling product.

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