Benelli Unveils the New Touring Bike TRK702

Benelli Unveils the New Touring Bike TRK702 Benelli Unveils TRK702 motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR
November 16, 2022
Posted by: chinamotor

China – On August 20, Benelli unveiled its new touring bike, the Wild Hunter TRK702, which comes in two versions: road version TRK702 at 46,800 yuan, off-road version TRK702 off-road at 50,800 yuan.

The prices do not include three tail boxes. The 4000 yuan price gap is mainly reflected on the wheel size and type: the road version has front and rear 17-inch forging hubs, with a minimum ground clearance of 190mm; the off-road version uses front 19-inch and rear 17-inch spoked wheels, with a minimum ground clearance of 210mm, which features better pass-through capability and impact resistance.

The road version has a seat height of 795mm. The TRK702 is equipped with an asynchronous dual-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 693cc, a maximum power of 56kW and a maximum torque of 68.2N.m. It comes standard with a sliding clutch.

Compared with its sibling TRK502’s 35Kw maximum power and 45N.m maximum torque, it has improved significantly. Compared with competing models such as Cyclone RX6, Voge 650DS, and Moto Morini X-Cape, TRK702 also stands out in terms of the parameters.

TRK702 also has many configuration advantages, including a TFT full-color instrument available with mobile navigation, handlebar heating, front saddle heating, dashcam (standard), front inverted and rear central KYB shock absorbers, Brembo brake, Bosch dual channel ABS, etc.

The curb weight of TRK702 is controlled at 220kg, lighter than that of TRK502 (255kg). The overall appearance of TRK702 is still very impressive. The body structure obviously continues the family design.The headlight makes it more aggressive. The body size (2330*940*1395mm) is larger than TRK502.

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