Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour

Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 03
November 7, 2022
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Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 11

After a three-year hiatus, I bought a Dayang scooter again. Everyone who knows me knows that I only ride scooters. Before buying this one, I did the homework for selection for more than a month. Nowadays, I am really surprised by the intelligent and human-machine interconnection technologies the brands applied.

Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 10
Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour

Every motorcyclist must have a Tibet dream, I am no exception. On July 17, 2022, I set out with the a sidecar team. The first stop was Kaiyuan-Dali. I am familiar with scooters, and I have studied the product performance of many brands. Dayang is also an old brand. I used to ride Yamaha, SYM, and KYMCO. This the first time to ride a Dayang. I had some concerns, not that I do not believe in this old brand, but too many intelligent details to understand. It turned out a great scooter!

Riding from Kaiyuan-Dali is almost on highway. My Dayang ADV150 is a hybrid version. Although the displacement is only 150cc, it has a four-valve water-cooled engine. Many details of the appearance draw experience from Honda X-ADV. The 1324mm wheelbase and 775mm seat height reduce riding difficulty. For a scooter, the 9.3L fuel tank is also a highlight. At least it kept me away from a few gas stations.

The scooter uses the VI-Core hybrid power, with silent start, idle start and stop, and fast charging technology. The 7-inch TFT color screen meter supports mobile phone projection and tire pressure monitoring functions. The ESS emergency brake system and front and rear cameras also enhance safety.

I had ridden it for a thousand kilometers before setting out for Tibet. I also tried a few times of top speed on the highway. It is easy to reach 120km/h on straight roads.

It is officially claimed that the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 2.1 liters. In fact, this depends on people’s riding habits. My recorded best fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 1.75 liters.

Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 09
Dayang ADV150’s G318 and G219 Tour

From Dali to Lijiang, Shangri-La and Deqin, we all took National Highway, G214, and encountered heavy rain on the way. My initial concern was that there would be some small problems such as failure of the handlebar switches after the rain. Now I can definitely say that Dayang has done a good job in this respect and no such problems occurred.

Leaving Deqin and riding passing Yanjing, Baju, Mangkang, Zuokong, Bomi, Nyingchi, and finally into Lhasa. G318 is a destination. We are not in a hurry, while playing and riding, we arrived in Lhasa on the tenth day.

There is nothing unpleasant about this scooter. In terms of power, it is much better than the previous two-valve 150cc models. Especially with the VI-Core power system, it is really easy to speed up and overtake, much better than the 180cc scooter I rode before. At high altitudes, it was somewhat affected, but I could still overtake some vehicles at an altitude of 5100 meters. The ADV style design makes people thinks it is a 250cc scooter at first glance.

On the way back, the team leader decided to challenge the Bingchacha Road, the famous G219, which worried me a little. I was not so willing to run that road with my new scooter. My concern was gone when one companion told me his Cyclone 250 was also new.

It is no joke to ride more than 260 kilometers of bad roads. Normally, it would take only a few hours to complete those kilometers, but this time it took two days to get out of the road.

There is a challenge called “Bingchacha Challenge”. Between Yunnan and Tibet, there is a miracle road called Bingchacha. Any veteran travel fan would be familiar with this term. “Bing” refers to “Bingzhongluo” in Yunnan, “Cha” refers to “Chavalong Township”, and the other “Cha” is “Chayu” in Tibet. We rode back from Lhasa to Ranwu, to Chayu, then to the bad road. There is almost no flat section, but full of gravel, irregular pits, puddles… even falling stones. I felt all kinds of uncomfortable on the extremely bumpy road. Dayang’s front and rear shock comfort is good. The front shock is slightly soft.

We stayed overnight at Chawalong on the first day, with remaining 70km to be covered the next day. It was really aggravating all the way. I had to say if you are not a man of perseverance, do not try this road.

In the afternoon, we finally saw the asphalt road. You can imagine how happy my scooter and i were at that moment. Dayang, I did make the right choice. The scooter didn’t let me down, not a single glitch on the way. The 25-day Tibet motorcycle tour was successful. I appreciate my companions. G214, G318 and G219–my motorcycle travel dreams were realized.

In conclusion, during this tour, Dayang ADV150 had no fault at all. It was powerful and energy saving. For the total distance of more than 6,000 kilometers on various complicated roads, the fuel consumption cost was 1,470 yuan.

Do what you are dreaming of when you are young, energetic and available to become a better self.


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