DAYANG E2 Max Delivers Extraordinary Experience

DAYANG E2 Max Delivers Extraordinary Experience DAYANG E2 Max Delivers Extraordinary

March 5, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – DAYANG E2 MAX adopts the fifth-generation central motor, with peak power 4200w, maximum torque 41/165N·m and maximum speed 90km/h. After upgrading and optimization, higher transmission ratio and transmission accuracy bring greater torque, higher efficiency and stronger explosive force.

Ecooter uses the main control chip of scientific architecture to achieve safe and efficient operation of the controller, and develops a new torque vector control algorithm to accurately control the rotation of the motor at every angle.

Designed especially for Ecooter, the Gates certified transmission system and Gates synchronous belt adopts high-tech materials to achieve lower noise, maintenance free, greater durability. The synchronous belt pulley, with precise tooth design, features high transmission accuracy.

The scooter is equipped with Auto-BPS parallel electric systems, 64V lithium battery as standard. It is optional with the dual battery mode. The cruising range can exceed 200km if running at 30km/h.

The tires have great road holding, optimized design, and new pattern. The braking distance is reduced by more than 15%.

The rear shock absorber is an adjustable hydraulic shock absorber, which can effectively reduce vibration on rough roads.

The newly developed frame features a reasonable structure and accurate loading. It is welded by robot, using the Q235 steel pipe, with thickened electrophoresis layer + plastic spraying process.

It adopts independent instrument panel and front windshield. The adaptive meter system, displays clear information. It can be connected to Ecooter APP for fault detection and warning as well as multi-directional detection of cruising range, remaining power, single mileage, accumulated mileage and environmental temperature.

E2 MAX will accompany you to lead the fashion and embrace the future.

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