Dayang VOREI Launch Event Held Successfully

Dayang VOREI Launch Event Held Successfully

January 16, 2020
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Recently, Dayang’s launch conference for VOREI (DY300T-A) and several other new products were held grandly. Dayang’s determination and boldness to take the lead once again demonstrated Dayang’s future planning, which also injected confidence and vitality into the market.

Dayang VOREI Launch Event Held Successfully

The VOREI launched at the press conference features a tough and streamlined body. All parts are made with fine workmanship, combined with textured automotive body paint, reflecting superb manufacturing skill.

VOREI’s headlamp is a six-len headlamp, which effectively solve the problems of astigmatism and uneven distribution of light source, which makes the front looks extremely sharp and more penetrating. The integrated LED taillight and turn signals greatly improve the safety of night riding.

Dayang VOREI Launch Event Held Successfully

It has a 5-inch TFT HD color screen smart auto-level meter, achieving automatic calculation and accurate display of data such as mileage, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and so on. There is also considerate design of maintenance reminders. The data display is complete, with proper layout to show luxurious texture.

The aluminum alloy foldable auxiliary pedals look good and are more comfortable. The motorcycle cannot be ignited without putting down the side support, improving riding safety.

The large storage space can easily hold one full-face helmet and one half-face helmet, and is designed with light-sensation lamp. This storage space together with the left and right storage boxes at the front, VOREI has sufficient storage space to bring greater convenience for travel.

The two-step adjustable windshield reduces wind pressure to meet your needs for any road trip. The USB charging port is designed with waterproof and dustproof cover to enable charging at any time during ride. The power consumption control switch can effectively avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

Dayang VOREI Launch Event Held Successfully

VOREI is equipped with a 13.5L front fuel tank for long distance rides. The 738mm seat height greatly reduces the difficulty of riding, improving the safety performance and the sense of steadiness. The ergonomic riding triangle provides the motorcyclist with a more comfortable riding experience.

VOREI carries a 299cc water-cooled four-valve engine, with a maximum power of 20.0kW/7,500rpm and a maximum torque of 27.7N·m/6,000rpm. The engine is matched with some high technologies such as Yeson’s new smart EFI system, Bosch dual channel ABS, high-positioned intake and rocker roller bearing, and applied with many imported parts such as DID chain, NOK oil seal and NTN bearing, which enhances wear resistance and prolongs the engine’s service life.

VOREI adopts a high strength woven frame made of BAOSTEEL’s high quality steels to deliver better rigidity and operation performance. Besides, the keyless start combined with cutting-edge innovation brings excellent riding experience.

At the conference, Mr. Liu Botao, the director and general manager of Luoyang Northern Ek-Chor Motorcycle Co., Ltd. discussed with guests the development trends of the motorcycle industry and shared Dayang’s future development strategy. He said ”with the debut of TIMO and VOREI, Dayang is strengthening product research and development and market expansion, will always adhere to the overall strategy of “better products, better brand and better value”, and will continuously put new technology into the upgrading of products, thus promoting the overall upward trend of Dayang.

Dayang VOREI Launch Event Held Successfully

VOREI (DY300T-A) Parameters

Size: 2166mm╳ 770mm╳1366mm

Wheelbase: 1548mm

Tire Size: F: 120/70-14; R: 150/70-13

Seat Height: 738mm

Min. Ground Clearance: 140mm

Fuel Tank: 13.5L

Engine Type: EFI, 4-stroke, water-cooled

Displacement: 299cc

Max. Power: 20.0 kW/7,500rpm

Max. Torque: 27.7 N·m/6000rpm

Max. Speed: 128km/h

Compression Ratio: 11.0:1

Brake System: Bosch 10.0 ABS

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