DAYUN Road Rally DY300-XF

DAYUN Road Rally DY300-XF DAYUN Road Rally DY300 XF 1

November 9, 2020
Posted by: chinamotor

300cc engine: fast acceleration, low vibration, fuel-efficient

Six core technologies of engine: light cam and roller rocker; new coating piston; mushroom-shaped cylinder liner forming technology; crankshaft offset technology; bearing bush structure; large flow oil pump and pressure regulating valve. The maximum power of the engine is 19.5kW /8000rpm, and the maximum torque is 27.3N•m/6500rpm. The engine outputs continuous strong power, with six core technologies greatly improving the performance. The top speed reaches 130km/h (GPS).

Delphi smart MT05.2 EFI

It gives full play to the excellent performance of the engine, features precise control of combustion and fuel saving, and has good starting performance in cold and hot days..

Bosch ABS

Ensure the best braking effect, greatly improving riding safety.

DAYUN Road Rally DY300-XF Dayun Road Rally DY300 XF

Automatic sidesway flameout

When the motorcycle reaches a tilt angle larger than 65±5°, the engine will automatically shut off to prevent secondary injuries and effectively guarantee riding safety.

Aluminum side and tail boxes

The large-capacity and fast-dismantle boxes bring great convenience.

DAYUN Road Rally DY300-XF DAYUN Road Rally DY300 XF 2


It adopts front 110/70-17M/C and rear 140/70-17M/C all-terrain tires, which are not only suitable for road riding, but also muddy and slippery roads due to the deep patterns.

Proper three-point sitting position, off-road chassis

Adaptable to most of the road conditions, capable of off-road and commuting riding purposes.

Ultra long range

16L fuel tank delivers a range of more than 500 kilometers to meet the needs of long distance travel.


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