European design, flipped personality!

European design, flipped personality! 王野主图 compressed compressed

August 4, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

“FORTEX” was created by Europe’s top design team and its design concept derived from cars. During nearly three years research and development, the design modification process repeatedly went through British design center, Shanghai research and development base and Taizhou manufacturing center. Ultimate pursuit, detailed harsh test, road test of more than 30,000km in total and a large number of test analysis and technical improvement made the “FORTEX”. It has strived to give users an unprecedented comfortable experience.

“FORTEX” is equipped with 150cc liquid-cooled engine. With the novel appearance, its power, comfort level, handling, safety, emissions and other aspects have reached the international standards. We could say, it is a real city high-end sedan scooter.

Designed from Europe, international style!

“FORTEX” was designed by Europe’s top design team, which has independent intellectual property rights and appearance patents; Simple and fashionable shape while hard line goes smoothly, and nosedive head is full of dynamism. U-shaped LED headlight and taillight, with “hunting cap” type windscreen, make it cool and noble.

Concept from the car, comfortable experience!

The wide body design is derived from the car. It includes anti-skid seat cushion, light clutch, all aluminum labor saving steering handlebar, extended pedal and car-class comfortable control system. Taking into account the three-point sitting position and ergonomic principles, it is comfortable to ride, not easy to fatigue after a long time and long-distance riding.


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Safe track ride makes riding safer!

CBS front and rear linkage disc brake system, mechanical arm welding frame, sports tires, reinforced aluminum alloy rim, more than 120 strict quality control procedures and 30,000km sampling riding test, fully guarantee riding safety.

Leading configuration, advanced style!

High-tech intelligent ID lock, new intelligent LCD instrument, comprehensive touch switch, LED full lamp group, large displacement muffler, aluminum tail frame and large space storage box. All these leading configurations show the good taste and style.

Racing class liquid-cooled 150cc scooter power!

Characteristics: high torque, low fuel consumption, smooth start and rapid acceleration.


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