GAOKIN Cruiser GK1000 Is Coming

GAOKIN Cruiser GK1000 Is Coming 2

September 3, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

CHINA – GAOKIN GK1000 is a sports American cruiser. The whole motorcycle is relatively plump, but you can see that the style of this bike is not just an American cruiser. It also integrates the popular sports elements, such as a high-low seat which looks more like a standard equipment of a sports street bike. This makes the appearance of this bike very personalized.

The front part of the GK1000 is very beautiful, especially its V-type double-cylinder engine which embellish this bike with a lot of energy, full of international style. The whole vehicle looks plump and stylish, with a sense of strength everywhere.


GAOKIN Cruiser GK1000 Is Coming 1


The V-twin has a maximum power of 72kW and a maximum torque of 100N·m and the power adjustment is inclined to be medium and low rev. In addition to appearance and power, the bike is expected to be equipped with an aluminum alloy frame, belt transmission, electronic throttle and 240 rear wide tires as standard configuration.

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