HAOJUE UCR125 Is Coming Soon

HAOJUE UCR125 Is Coming Soon UCR125图1

August 10, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

China – This time, HAOJUE will launch a practical, relatively high-end small scooter – UCR125.

The overall appearance of the UCR125 doesn’t give special importance to dynamic elements, but places particular emphasis on practicability. UCR125 is designed many layered lines, which sets off its position different from the previous low-end models.

In terms of power, this new model will be equipped with HAOJUE’s flagship engine: ESS whose actual performance is excellent, surpassing the current domestic engines of the same level. Its actual displacement is 124ml, maximum power is 6.6KW, maximum torque is 10N·m. It features good stability, low noise, small vibration and enough power, which is a useful small displacement engine.

In terms of configuration, in addition to HAOJUE’s frequently-used LED lights and LCD instrument, UCR125 has also used the CBS braking system for the first time. This practical configuration will make UCR125 ride with facility, effectively shorten the brake distance in actual riding and also can complete the front and rear brake advancing together replacing manual work.

The core competitiveness of UCR125 is not only the change in appearance and the optimized configuration, but also its good cycling feeling under strict quality control.


HAOJUE UCR125 Is Coming Soon UCR125图2

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