Here Comes the Ninebot B110P with a Strong Sense of Technology

Here Comes the Ninebot B110P with a Strong Sense of Technology Here Comes the Ninebot B110P with a Strong Sense of Technology motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

December 8, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

CHINA – All the batteries of Ninebot electric series use high energy composite material system. According to the differences of every model with advantages of all batteries on the market, the professional technical team concentrate on every model. After countless tests, verification, adjustment and comparison, they develop the most appropriate ratio scheme for each type of model.

The Ninebot B110P battery material system is much complex, IPX7 level waterproof customed lithium battery with 48V30AH has an amazing range of 95 km. And B110P has still been the strongest national standard bike in the B series so far.

The peak torque on wheels of B110P has reached 65N.m. Besides, compared with the electronic control G start of other B-series bikes, the electronic control system of the B110P is P55, also very different. Higher torque brings stronger climbing ability; higher specifications of electronic control system also represent stronger acceleration.

In addition, B110P is equipped with the front and rear dual-disc brakes and aluminum alloy rear fork. The perforated brake disc is larger, braking sensitivity is higher, braking efficiency is higher, and mute effect is better.

The front and rear dual disc brakes are convenient for heat dissipation, have high sensitivity, resist water, soil and other interference, and the braking effect is better in bad environment. This configuration in the electric bicycle industry is also worthy of the top configuration.

Not only that, the whole series of Ninebot electric vehicles are also equipped with EABS systems which can further improve the braking efficiency and endurance.

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