In What Aspects Will The Future Competition Of Listed Companies YADEA & AIMA Be Reflected?

In What Aspects Will The Future Competition Of Listed Companies YADEA & AIMA Be Reflected? 3

August 20, 2021
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Electric two-wheeler industry has been mature after 20 years development. Carrying out new national standards will promote optimization and integrity of electric two-wheeler industry. From meeting the travelling needs to meeting customers’ riding experience needs, functions and equipment of electric two-wheelers have been continuously improved. With the marketing economy of e-vehicles becoming mature and perfect, brand competition has become white-hot. The Matthew Effect, “the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker”, is obvious. Competitions between the leading enterprises, such as YADEA and AIMA, are more prominent.


In What Aspects Will The Future Competition Of Listed Companies YADEA & AIMA Be Reflected? 7

Output is secondary, sales is primary

AIMA’s sales goal in 2021 is conservative 16 million and anticipated 18 million, while the sales goal of YADEA in 2021 is about 20 million.

Cater to the trend of the times, define your strategic direction

The development trend of industry has converted from “focusing on marketing, neglecting research and development, starting price war” to “putting emphasis on high-quality products, intelligence, rebuilding brand value”.

Dong Jinggui, chairman of the board of YADEA Group, said that, e-vehicle industry will upgrade unstoppably. YADEA will focus on core technology, put energy and effort on “seven values” including brand image value, product appearance value, product using value, store image value, service value, marketing activity value and big data value that customers most care about. Through the global strategy of multiple brands and various categories, YADEA will provide products and services with happiness to customers, create a new generation green technology for travelling lifestyle, lead industrial upgrade and usher a real age of YADEA.

AIMA launched seven measures, including new technology, new power, new service, new mode, new color, new market and new marketing, to get rid of the competition dilemma in e-vehicle industry. As is known to all, scale of electric two-wheeler industry keeps developing and becomes more and more specialized, causing more and more complicated competition structure. Once upon a time, the e-vehicle two-wheeler industry had many less-known brands and had been competing with low price. Now it has converted to independent design, intellectualization, sharing and energy. Mr. Yong Ren, CEO of AIMA Technology Group, pointed out that AIMA should tightly grasp the essence of enterprise competition and lead a self-motivated industrial revolution in two dimensions, efficiency and renovation. Only in this way, will AIMA brave the wind and the waves in the complicated competitive situation.


In What Aspects Will The Future Competition Of Listed Companies YADEA & AIMA Be Reflected? 1

Continuously develop high-end electric two-wheeler category

Till now, domestic high-end electric two-wheeler market is still under exploration. When industry concentration has got improved and low-end production has been gradually cleared, with the gradual changes of consumption concept, high-end electronic mobile is anticipated to develop rapidly. Meanwhile, high-end consumers tend to attach more importance to brands. New vehicle makers are likely to firstly enjoy the industry dividend, relying on the first moving advantage in the high-end market. Both YADEA and AIMA will increase investment in researching and developing vehicles, march into the young customer market with strong consuming demands and meet the demands of personality science and technology and intellectualization.


In What Aspects Will The Future Competition Of Listed Companies YADEA & AIMA Be Reflected? 10

Service changes our travelling, service defines industry standard

With the development of electric two-wheeler industry, industry competition has gradually extended to service. It is service that makes consumption system become a closed loop. Also, it is service that extends buyers’ lifecycle. Lastly, it is service that reflects the value and long-term developing permit of an enterprise.

On Jul 8, 2021, AIMA announced that “YIMA takes the lead, make future vibrant, YIMA Vehicle Service defines industry service standard”. Future defines present while service changes travelling. Mr. Hong Yi, General Manager of AIMA, announced a brand new YIMA Vehicle Service brand. In the future, AIMA will build a specialized service platform with “technicalization”, “fashion-orientation” and “diversification”, providing riders with comfortable, convenient, enjoyable and short travelling experience.

On Jul 20, 2021, navigator of electric vehicle industry, YADEA, held an internet communication summit of after-sales service, and made a start of “1535 Service Network Project”, guiding the after-sales service level of the whole industry to stride. With this leading service system, YADEA will effectively improve the competitiveness of differentiated channels services, guiding the whole industry to upgrade with a high-end brand, better products, better service and new mode.

All above indicate that AIMA, YADEA have been building their own service standards, aiming at redefining industry service standard to assure the identification of their own industry service benchmarking.


In What Aspects Will The Future Competition Of Listed Companies YADEA & AIMA Be Reflected? 9

Multiple brands adopt matrix operation, stabilizing industry status gradually

AIMA released a brand, Sportsman, stabilizing the sales goal in 2021. Till now, AIMA has released three sub-brands: A. “Powell” featuring light luxury; B. “UMINI” featuring take-out; C. “Sportsman” featuring the high cost performance. These three sub-brands have been run for a period of time. We hope that in 2021, these three brands can realize large sales volume, and be an effective power.

YADEA released its second brand “VFLY” featuring high-end products, facing high-end consumers. VFLY products are designed with the concept of fashion-forward appearance, intelligent interconnection and fashionable personality. Its price is much higher than the other common products.

Increase electric vehicle categories

Both AIMA and YADEA have been increasing e-vehicle categories. Their main purpose is to abundant their own product structures, energize more terminal stores and stabilize their industry status gradually.


In What Aspects Will The Future Competition Of Listed Companies YADEA & AIMA Be Reflected? 8

Benchmarking status of prevalent colors in the industry

Prevalent colors of both YADEA and AIMA are popular in the industry. Nie Yuchun, Specialist of Fashion Trend of AIMA, mentioned that popular trend is an optimized way for classic brands refreshing, and color is a good carrier for catching up with the trend.

Diversified color scheme is highlighted on YADEA VFLY. Collocation of diversified color presents beauty of art full of flexibility.

Beside the inspiration of color scheme originated from cities, YADEA VFLY L series also cooperate with cutting-edge artists. Color scheme full of imagination together with design of YADEA VFLY has sparked wonderful products.

It is riven by fashionable colors, based on new technology to create new aesthetics, leading a revolution of trend and boosting a new era of e-vehicle.


In What Aspects Will The Future Competition Of Listed Companies YADEA & AIMA Be Reflected? 4

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