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INTERMOT Cologne 2022 INTERMOT Cologne 2022 electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 09
October 24, 2022
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INTERMOT Cologne 2022 was held on the 4th at the Exhibition Center Cologne. The latest developmental trends of motorcycles, e-bikes and scooters are presented to the public offline and online.

Nearly 500 enterprises and brands from 29 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, including the giants in the motorcycle industry such as BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and Piaggio. Nearly 20 Chinese exhibitors displayed motorcycles, e-bikes and related spare parts and equipment,including including Yadea, ECOOTER, Caofen, Lvneng, ZXMCO, Longkang and Bayard Technology. The exhibition lasted until the 9th, and the audience enjoyed the industrial innovation, acrobatic display, and test drives on the spot.

Yadea promotes China’s brand to the world

Yadea, with other Chinese electric two-wheeled enterprises, appeared at INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany, one of the largest professional exhibitions in the global motorcycle and two-wheeler industry. Yadea shows China’s smart manufacturing to the world, and provide China’s plans for global green travel.

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Edward Fructus, Deputy General Manager of Yadea European Technologies Company: We have good-quality products, you know Yadea is well-known in China, but also in the rest of the world, so we have very good products. Also, we have new technologies and supply chains to provide a lot of products to the market. I think excellent quality, supply chain and new technology are premise for Yadea to become a market leader.

 Lvneng Presented the INTERMOT Cologne

Lvneng presented 4 self-developed new products at the INTERMOT Cologne, Germany, showing the charm and wisdom of China’s manufacturing. At this exhibition, there were 4 new products independently developed, including NCE series, NCF series, Alpha, ACE, and all of them are high- performance and exquisite. It is obvious that Lvneng has the advanced D&R technology and the determination to expand overseas markets.

NCF, the high-speed electric motorcycle, has attracted many customers since its debut. The overall body is in the shape of a future mecha, and the square and family-style headlights and  ambient sidelights are designed to make the NCF high-tech. As a scientific and technological model, NCF is equipped with a 4000W high-performance motor and dual sets of LG lithium batteries (21700 cells). The battery life can reach 90km at a speed of 75km/h. In addition, NCF supports the interconnection of mobile APPs and vehicles, and you can check the status and location of the vehicles at any time, which will bring more comfortable riding and use experience. NCF stands out at the exhibition amazes the audience because of the fashionable appearance and the comfortable riding experience, and its design conforms to the European ergonomic riding characteristics.

ACE is also high-performance. The upper tube of controller adopts the water injection technology, and the welding place adopts the soil filling technology. The surface is smooth without welding marks, and the whole vehicle has a good texture. The model look retro makeand fashionable with unique designs such as round headlights, fluid frame, and double-shoulder front forks, which make the vehicle comfortably and stylishly.

Until 2022, Lvneng’s products have been exported to 51 countries and regions including Europe, America, Asia, and Southeast Asia, ranking at the forefront of global production and sales of electric vehicles. It’s believed that Lvneng will be more popular by the technological innovation and first-class products in the future, which will reflect China’s intelligent manufacturing to the world, and create more low-carbon and environmental-friendly travel tools to global customers!

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Dayang E Series Showing China’s Intelligent Technology 

Dayang E series products are presented in a new image, bringing a refreshing exhibition experience to global merchants and overseas players. Dayang E series include E1, E2, E2max and E5, which shows the quality and intelligent manufacturing of China’s electric two-wheelers to the world.

After years of innovation and development, Dayang E series products have fully met the consumers’ needs of overseas markets in terms of quality, performance, appearance and style., which sells well and are popular among people. The mighty high-end electric motorcycle E5 has attracted a large number of the electric vehicle enthusiasts and businessmen. Almost everyone who passes by will experience it in person, and they will praise the high quality of Dayang E series products .

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Mangosteen Brings Many Models to INTERMOT 2022

The Mangosteen team, as an electric motorcycle designer, manufacturer and service provider, displayed a variety of products such as M1P, M1PS, M2, M8S, FT-01, etc., which attracted many customers and businessmen to experience of its products because of the design, performance and technology .

As one of the major products released this time, MP1S adopts a brand-new electroplating frame. It is equipped with a 4000W in-wheel motor that is driven by a detachable 72V 40Ah Samsung battery. The maximum speed can reach 80Km/h and the cruising range can reach 140Km. It has the exquisite appearance, faster speed and longer battery life, which meets the pursuit of overseas enthusiasts for riding fun, and subverts the user’s imagination of electric motorcycles. The MP1S electroplating version has five colors for choose from, including diamond black, diamond red, diamond white, diamond green and diamond orange.

Because of the global “double carbon”, Mangosteen will make every effort to explore the global market with high-quality products and service in the future in order to meet users’ needs for short-distance travel, and provide users with a better riding experience. In addition, Mangosteen will further enhance the brand value and the international marketing capability.

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