KYM Has Defined the Electrification Timetable

KYM Has Defined the Electrification Timetable 20211112151622

November 29, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

CHINA-KYM has started the first year of the electrification in 2021.

With the shortage of national fossil energy, commodity prices represented by oil and coral are continuously rising, the use cost of gasoline vehicles is also increasing, it is a prevailing trend for major vehicle enterprises to develop new energy vehicles, including KYM and other famous motorcycle companies and give a clear electrification timetable.

KYM is very quick at the orientation of “motorcycle to electrification”, KYM invested 900 million to establish the new factory in 2019 to prepare for the process of electrification. On May, 28th 2021, KYM debuted the electric motorcycle F9、i-One MAX、i-Like, the light electric motorcycle i-One XS、i-One X, new national standard electric bicycle I-SK and Ionex charging transmission system.

F9 is a representative model of electrification which is born for youth and blood. The design of the bike is completed by the R&D team with an average age of less than 25 years old. It is made of light weight transformation based on the SuperNEX of KYM heavy locomotive street bike with fashionable and advanced modeling and full sense of science and technology. It is equipped with the inner 9600W motor, 0-50km/h acceleration for 3 seconds, top speed of 110km/h. It also carries 96V44Ah automotive power battery with the range of 180 km.

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