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April 11, 2022
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The sports scooter market seems to be a little cold in the past two years, and users’ interest in small sports scooters also decreases.This may be because that the boys riding scooters have grown up. Therefore, now it depends on core product capabilities to stimulate the enthusiasm of users.

At the end of last year, Kymco released a new mid-size sports scooter the KRV 180 , which is similar to Kymco’s flagship model AK550 in styling, positioning and structure. The KRV 180 excels in terms of performance and high-end specs, including TCS, ABS, front and rear 13-inch wheels, Keyless start, full LED, as well as a separate aluminum rear rocker arm and PTM belt drive that are only found on the AK550. The TCS and belt drive are the most eye-catching configurations, which shows that the KRV 180 has a high positioning. Kymco also offers versions without the TCS and keyless system to give consumers more choices.

KYMCO KRV 180 REVIEW KYMCO KRV 180 REVIEW Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

The KRV 180 is a sports scooter with many highlights. The overall appearance design is highly attractive. The KRV 180 may be the most sporty model of Kymco so far, and the design language is to accommodate the young generation. The sharp head is fitted with separated LED headlights, and the neat LED lamp eyebrows add to the sense of sport. The mid-engine layout also makes the scooter look more compact, which also leads to a more concise tail styling. The sharp tail echoes the front. The short license plate frame is connected with the turn signal, together with the split LED taillight, making the rear part of the KRV 180 highly recognizable.

KYMCO KRV 180 REVIEW KYMCO KRV 180 REVIEW Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 08

There are many other surprises at the front. The KRV 180 uses naked handlebar, which is also the preferred style of many sports scooters. Naked handlebars can not only enhance the sports styling, but also provide great convenience for later modification of horn, oil can, handlebar and other parts to meet the personalized needs of users. The sporty bronzed aluminum wheels also help improve the looks.

The KRV 180’s unique dual-screen instrument integrates various indicators and information such as speed, rev, fuel, mileage and water temperature. The KRV 180 also features a keyless startup system for improved safety and convenience. The unlocking button is set on the left hand handlebar, and the central control switches are backlit. The fuel tank cap and cushion opening buttons are integrated in the central control switches.

As a sports scooter, the KRV 180 does not give up practicability. There are hooks and large storage space at the front. Beside, the under-seat space, with light sensitive illumination, can hold a full-face helmet. So the overall storage space can well meet daily needs. Two USB outlets are provided near the central lock, respectively 5V/2A and QC3.0 fast charging, which is absolutely a commendable consideration.

KYMCO KRV 180 REVIEW KYMCO KRV 180 REVIEW Chinese electric motorcycle news MEGA CHINAMOTOR 12

In 0-100km/h acceleration test, the KRV 180 recorded 14.5s. Although the belt transmission process caused a slight loss of power, it still achieved a good result of acceleration. The engine response is timely, and the revs rise quickly. The low rev range is not often used, so it always feels powerful. Power output at high revs is also durable and reliable.

However, this high-rev engine is not good in vibration suppression. The most obvious vibration is felt at the middle and rear part of the seat. From 4000rpm, the rider can feel obvious vibration on the saddle. Well, we may say this normal or what riders pursue on such a sports scooter, although some will feel uncomfortable. In addition, the sound of this scooter very stimulating to riders.

The front one-way double-piston calipers are matched with 270mm brake disc, and the rear one-way double piston calipers are with 235mm brake disc, with double-channel ABS as a standard configuration. In the braking test, the KRV 180 recorded a braking distance of 17.3m for 60-0km/h.

The PTM system greatly improves handling. It no longer has a side transmission box. A smaller CVT transmission box is placed together with the engine at the center of the scooter, which transmits power through belt (Mitsubishi belt) to the rear wheels. The separated rocker arm also uses aluminum materials. All this makes the scooter more centered to achieve better front/rear counterweights.

You can also feel the weight reduction of the rear part during riding. Steering and cornering are more flexible, and the rear wheel feels more dynamic. The handling feels like that with a standard bike.  The front vertical and rear single shock absorbers are also designed for the sports attribute, especially the rear shock absorber that is adjusted to provide enough support. However, because of the transmission structure, the wheelbase of KRV 180 is lengthened to 1400mm, which slightly affects performance in small bends. Fortunately, no side transmission box and higher exhaust make up for part of that defect.

In general, the KRV 180 is a medium-sized scooter with a clear positioning, aiming at the sports scooter market from the beginning of development. It has created its own characteristics and advantages with the PTM system. It makes a good choice especially for sports scooter enthusiasts.


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