KYMCO Racing X150 Series Has Debuted

KYMCO Racing X150 Series Has Debuted KYMCO Racing X150 Series Has Debuted

November 23, 2021
Posted by: chinamotor

Positive water-cooled four-valve long axis engine

Accurate heat dissipation and temperature control can help the engine to perform best. With the sensitive induction of the front positive water tank radiator, faster and slower riding speed can play a strong heat dissipation.

Bosch dual-channel ABS

Bosch dual-channel ABS and MIXXIS tires cooperate strongly. The bike carries high performance brake system and good grip which can easily cross the wet road and escort for your safety.

Double lower bone back frame

The double lower bone back frame made by high-strength steel is full of strength, easily switching over, turning over. The riding fun stands vividly revealed on paper.

The full LED light resource

The bike is full of LED lights, the front beak shape face which is aggressive and fierce. The LED lamp bead combination are embedded into the tail which is highly alert.

Such a kind of appearance and performance sports leisure scooter, are you moved?

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