KYMCO Released New Nice XL

KYMCO Released New Nice XL KYMCO Released New Nice XL motorcycle  news MEGA CHINAMOTOR

March 3, 2022
Posted by: chinamotor

China–While KYMCO’s KRV 180 and NEW Racing being launched to the mainland market, a new model is exposed in Taiwan. Different from the previous two scooters focusing on sports functions, the newly modified and upgraded Nice XL, is a small scooter targeting women for urban commuting. In the Taiwan market, Nice is also a classic well-sold product.

The 2022 Nice XL looks a lot more elegant and stylish after upgrading the LED headlight. Although the body size is relatively small, the seat and pedal space do not change. The pedal width is extended to 320mm, which can accommodate 29-inch suitcase. Other upgrades include an optimized parking frame to be 10% labor-saving, 730mm seat height and 95kg vehicle weight. In addition, with two hangers, the preposed fuel tank and a 21.6L container, it well meets the daily needs of women users.

“XL” not only represents more space but also greater power with the new Nice XL. The displacement increased from 102cc to 115cc, but the fuel consumption is still the lowest among the same category. Thee 6.6L fuel tank supports a remarkable cruising distance if 1L is enough for the scooter to run 61km as per the testing standard of Taiwan Energy Bureau. The multiple selling points attract many women as well as men riders.

However, since it is an economical model, the configurations such as the 10-inch wheels, front and rear drum brakes, mechanical meter, and single rear shock absorber are less inviting.

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