KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

October 12, 2019
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KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

To celebrate the completion of the new Changzhou Kymco Park, an important production and R&D base of Kymco group for the global market, the company has specially launched three limited models, and the limited edition of Xciting 250ABS with a global limited production of 483 units is one of them.

Compared with the basic edition, Xciting 250ABS limited edition is upgraded in configuration, with additional functions of Noodoe network navigation, handlebar heating and tire pressure monitoring. The lighting is upgraded to LED lamps. Besides, there is the limited edition of embroidered cushion, exclusive logo for limited edition, special coating and Swarovski crystal accessories (such as decals, handlebar stickers) etc.

The limited edition has the highly symbolic front face of Xciting family, with the lamp eyebrow slightly upturned, highlighting the elegance and aura of the headlamp. The two lenses in the headlamp are like bright eyes, which improve the lighting effect. The turn signals are designed in the shape of boomerangs and are inlaid to fit the body line perfectly.KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

The exclusive logo is designed on two sides of the front body, highlighting the identity of the motorcycle and differentiating it from the basic edition.KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

The handlebar position is ideal for long distance riding. The newly added handlebar heating function is adjustable with different modes. The left handlebar heating has three adjustable modes, the angle of bar end is adjustable with multiple positions, and the buttons are reasonably laid out. The right handlebar heating has two adjustable modes, also with multiple adjustable bar end angles. Most functional buttons are deployed on the right handlebar. KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited EditionKYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

The front center control part shows faintly an “X”, which echoes the first letter of the logo “Xciting”. The meter has the new Noodoe function: the right round LCD screen can display the information on the phone and navigation route; the speed and rev display are on the left screen, and the tire pressure and other status data are displayed in the middle. The overall function display is greatly different from the basic editions.KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

The electric lock can directly open the back seat, and the lock hole has certain pick-proof function. The fuel filler port is located at the central of the pedal, with a protective cover. The fuel tank cap needs to be opened with a key.KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

On the left side, there is a small storage box with a USB charging port in it, which can be opened without a key and is equipped with a waterproof rubber cover. There is no storage box on the right side, but the cover plate can be removed, which must be a reserved space for future modification.

The integrated large cushion guarantees the comfort of riding. The logo embroidered cushion is designed in contrast color which is different from basic edition.

The limited edition has a unique taillight design that uses the “X” shape with high identification. KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited EditionKYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

The front shock absorber is a traditional vertical shock absorber, while the red rear shock absorbers show vitality — the five-section adjustable double rear shock absorbers improve riding comfort.

The multiple hexagram-shaped aluminum hub is a texture part. Although the brake system is the same as that of the basic edition, the limited edition is equipped with Bosch Generation 9.1 ABS that has better safety performance.

The foldable aluminum rear footrest is convenient and beautiful, and highlights the class of the motorcycle. Excellent double support design is simple and easy to operate, with flameout function on side support, further increasing the safety factor. KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited EditionKYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition

The exposed position of the exhaust pipe is provided with an anti-scald protective cover, and the details highlight the quality of Kymco.

The 250ABS limited edition shares the same power system with the basic edition. It is equipped with a 249.1cc single-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled engine, with a maximum power of 16kw and a maximum torque of 22N·m.

KYMCO Xciting 250ABS Limited EditionSpecifications of Xciting 250ABS Limited Edition:

Size: 2,250mm×800mm×1,280mm

Displacement: 249.1cc

Engine: single cylinder, SOHC two-valve, water-cooled, four-stroke

Compression Ratio: 10.6:1

Fuel Supply: EFI

Transmission: CVT

Max. Power: 16Kw/7,500rpm

Max. Torque: 22N·m/6,500rpm

Tire: front 120/80-14; rear 150-70-13

Brake: front 260mm single disc; rear 240mm single disc, two-path Bosch ABS

Wheelbase: 1,540mm

Min. Ground Clearance: 150mm

Weight: 199kg


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