Li-ion Battery Mobility Eco-Chain Summit Realizes Great Integration Of The Industry

Li-ion Battery Mobility Eco-Chain Summit Realizes Great Integration Of The Industry Li ion Battery Mobility Eco chain Summit Realizes Great Integration of the Industry 2

December 1, 2020
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Recently, with the theme of “There comes good Li-ion”, the first NGB Lithium Battery Travel Ecological Chain Thousand People Wulin Conference and 2020 GGLB Light Electric Bicycle Industry Summit was held in Zhejiang province.

The spring of li-ion battery has arrived along with the industrial revolution

Known as a li-ion mobility eco-chain summit, it analyzed and discussed the current development situation and future development trends of li-ion battery industry. Becoming intelligent, digital, light, energy-saving, and standardized are the li-ion trends of light electric vehicle industry. The summit not only has provided a communication platform for the industry, but also pointed the direction of development.

Li-ion Battery Mobility Eco-Chain Summit Realizes Great Integration Of The Industry Li ion Battery Mobility Eco chain Summit Realizes Great Integration of the Industry 5

Industry consensus: unstoppable li-ion trend in the electric vehicle industry

Liu Suwen, President of the China Bicycle Association, said that the entire electric bicycle industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. Under the influence of the new national standards and the epidemic, industrial transformation and upgrading is imminent. He believes that the industry should accelerate and promote the digitalization of electric vehicles along the li-ion trends.

Tianneng group’s chairman Zhang Tianren thinks that intelligent manufacturing is the direction of industrial upgrading, and digital empowering is the core driving force of innovation and development. Tianneng focuses on connecting the industrial chain, reconstructing the business value chain, forming an economic chain, and building the internal management decision-making system and external resource integration system to comprehensively build a digital and intelligent world of Tianneng. Global operation is a new opportunity for the industry to make breakthroughs. Enterprises should take the initiative to explore the world market, participate in international competition, and implement global operation. Tianneng is fully integrating and making use of both domestic and international markets, realizing the transformation from product export to technology export, to capital export and global operation, which will be the future of industrial development.

At present, the market demand of lithium battery is officially launched, and uncontrolled lithium battery heat will become a major threat to the lithium battery industry. Ni Jie, President of Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., believes that enterprises and dealers should learn new safety knowledge of lithium battery and treat lithium batteries with a scientific attitude. In terms of market practice, Ni Jie believes that the industry needs to take effective measures to ensure the safety of lithium batteries, prevent various abuses, strive to promote high-tech and high-quality products, and avoid excessive marketing.

Enterprises are embracing the li-ion battery trend of the industry

Yao Li, President of TAILG Group explained that in the current consumer market, safety and low price as well as running farther and becoming lighter are still the common demand opposition. Lithium battery, as an efficient power source, will reduce cost through scale effect and technological innovation, can solve this opposition. Seize the opportunity of lithium battery industry, solve problems with wisdom, and fully embrace the future.

Hu Yupeng, chief brand officer of AIMA Group, shared insights on the development trends of lithium battery for light electric vehicles. Hu Yupeng said that the current electric vehicle industry has a huge capacity, huge consumption potential, and a variety of development possibilities. Controlling the value chain of low-carbon technologies is a major challenge related to competitiveness, economic development, energy sovereignty and national security. Hu believes that enterprises should return to their original intention and think more for the users, continuously solve users’ problems through product development, and create better products and more efficient lithium batteries for users through technical iteration. This is the future development direction of the industry.

Li-ion Battery Mobility Eco-Chain Summit Realizes Great Integration Of The Industry Li ion Battery Mobility Eco chain Summit Realizes Great Integration of the Industry 4

Grab opportunities and key points of lithium electric industry

Yiqi Power chairman Sun Zhuo believes that the industry has formed a consensus on the rapid development of lithium battery, and the core foundation of the power exchange is the lithium battery. The rapid development trend of lithium battery has accelerated the arrival of the power exchange. At the same time, the policy trend, Internet + circulation trend, consumption upgrading trend, and the inevitable trend of differentiation will all accelerate the arrival of power exchange. Sun Zhuo also introduced that the sales volume of lithium batteries is expected to reach 20 million sets in 2021, and the integration of power exchange with lithium battery is the industry direction.

Along with the advancement of new national standards, the lithium battery trend in the electric vehicle industry is speeding up, the total annual li-ion battery shipment will reach 8.5 million units in 2020 (including shared vehicles), and lithium battery proportion will reach 50% in 2025. Seizing the opportunities of the industry requires digital revolution, applying digital means to each and every link of online and offline production and retail.


This is the greatest ecological integration conference of the lithium battery industry. It shows the latest brand pattern, product trends, development direction and business models of the li-ion battery industry, and creatively integrates the lithium battery industry with the electric vehicle industry. (Source:

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